Being anxious over something is a natural human reaction. At a normal level, anxiety and panic are common responses to dangers and these feelings are not harmful unless it becomes a disorder. Understanding anxiety and panic attacks is important in dealing with anxiety disorder.

Anxiety or nervousness is not alarming if you have control over it but if you have intense fear over illogical things and you become obsessed by your fears then you are having anxiety and panic disorder. The intense fear that something dreadful is about to happen may last for few seconds or few minutes. This obsessive fear hinders you from doing your daily activities that is why understanding anxiety and panic attacks is very important to learn how to manage your fears.

In understanding anxiety and panic attacks, you have to know that these attacks are accompanied by physical and psychological symptoms. Both symptoms are very debilitating and you need to learn how to deal with these symptoms and conquer your anxiety attacks.

Physical symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks includes sweating, trembling, dizziness, chest pain, choking sensation, difficulty breathing, palpitations, hot flashes and chills. The psychological symptoms are as debilitating as the physical symptoms which include derealization or the feeling of unreality. It is like you are disconnected from reality and the world around you is unreal. Understanding anxiety and panic attacks will help you know what you are dealing with.

The symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks maybe scary but these symptoms are not life threatening but it could affect and reduce the quality of your life in so many ways. It could rob you of your freedom to live normally without fear.

Understanding anxiety and panic attacks is not enough; it is just the first step in seeking the proper treatment to break free from anxiety disorder.

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