A disease is something that inhibits the normal function of a human being. Number of diseases have been discovered and can be easily differentiated as per their symptoms. It can be caused by many things either invading pathogens as virus or parasite, body malfunction can be due to genetic variations or chemical imbalance in the brain or in the immune system. In a nutshell, a disease is something that inhibits normal functionality of the body.

Amidst the number of diseases, vascular disease is an abnormal condition of the blood vessels, arteries, and veins. These blood vessels help to circulate blood throughout the body parts, however; problems along this vast network can cause severe disability and even death. The most common vascular disease are stroke, peripheral artery disease (PAD), abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), carotid artery disease (CAD), arteriovenous malformation (AVM), critical limb ischemia (CLI), pulmonary embolism (blood clots), deep vein thrombosis (DVT), chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and varicose veins.

What causes vascular conditions and diseases?

It is a medical condition that affects the arteries or veins. Vascular disease often affects the blood flow and it is often caused when the blood vessels become blocked or weakened. Such a condition often leads to damage of organs or even the body structure if blood flow is decreased or fully blocked. The three vascular diseases are among the main causes of illness and deaths are heart attack, stroke, and loss of limb. Such diseases are often caused as the plaque is build up in the inner lining of an artery and is generally made up of fatty substances, cholesterol, cellular waste products, calcium and fibrin.

Today majority of people are at risk of vascular disease due to change in lifestyle. Most of the people around the globe have been diagnosed with obesity or type II diabetes. Anyone at any time irrespective of gender has high probability of getting affected by PAD or CAD.

Can the associated risk factor be managed medically?

Medical management of vascular conditions often includes managing certain risk factors such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and high blood pressure. Along with it, some major changes in lifestyle such as avoiding smoking, alcohol, intake of oily or processed foods and implementing some basic exercise can result in major benefits. One must try to manage their blood pressure and diabetes as it makes one vulnerable to plenty of chronic diseases. With proper diet and routine medication, one can control such medical condition and therefore can reduce their chances of being diagnosed with vascular diseases.

With advancement in medical science and technology, there are treatments available for vascular conditions. According to experts, vascular conditions are manageable if gets identified in the early stage. Moreover, the vascular surgery and procedures are being improved with time and therefore in some of the cases, situations are controlled without having to perform surgery.

VDF or vascular disease foundation has been founded with the sole purpose of providing education and improving awareness about vascular disease to the public. They have been working on their mission to improve health for all by reducing the death and disability caused from vascular disease.

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