The religion of Christianity and world religions all come down to one thing… a need to believe in a higher power for different reasons.

Even though there are many religions Christianity stands out in two different ways. Here are two major facts concerning the religion of Christianity and world religions…

1. Christianity says, We cannot be good enough for God… or to be our own god.”

Most world religions are just a set of instructions, rules, and regulations on how to be good enough to please God in order to obtain His mercy. Many world religions teach you how you are your own god.

The religion of Christianity and world religions like to refer to Christianity as the “religion of Christianity.” However, it isn’t so much a religion, but a relationship. Religion can be defined as man seeking God (or a god), while Christianity is simply God seeking man.

2. Christianity says, we need a “Savior.”

Because of our inherited evil nature, we all need a Savior. We simply cannot be good enough to earn our way to God. Unfortunately, if the world’s religions aren’t teaching us to earn our way, they’re teaching us that we are our own god.

We MUST have a Savior… and Jesus Christ is that Savior! Since we could not come to God because of our sin, He came to us. He got down on our level, became human, took our sin upon Himself and nailed it to a cross and bought our salvation.


Again, what the world calls the religion of Christianity and world religions all come down to a need to believe in a higher power. But, the need goes much deeper! That God-shaped hole in every one of us can only be filled by God Himself, and only through an acceptance of Jesus Christ.

On the third day, Jesus arose, walked the earth, and then ascended into heaven. There is life after death, and we can spend eternity in heaven with Him simply by accepting the gift of salvation… a simple relationship with Jesus.

Jesus is alive and well! He is the only way to God and to heaven. He said, “No one comes to the Father but Through Me” (John 14:6).

Where are all the leaders of popular world religions today? Most are dead and buried, such as Muhammad, Buddha, and Confucius. Those leaders who are still living on earth today will soon die like every one else, and then they will awaken… unfortunately, without a Savior.

The religion of Christianity and world religions all need a Savior, but not all of them have one. In fact, only one offers a Savior.

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