Hello All, Want to know that what is the unique tips to get slim or loose your weight. OK, i will explain you here very few selected healthy tips to make your body tone. If you want to get slim you can be slim, as fast as you want to. We are not giving you information about the health product or medicine course to get slim. Here we are just provide you some most important tips & healthy exercise to keep you in shape. Our target is to spread fitness & healthy tips about the health and weight loss.

So Now we are showing you the 5 most effected health tips to look slim faster without taking medicine or any health product.

1. Write, What You Eat: Make the note that what you will eat on day and what will not its will help you to avoid the fatty food and follow that note very strictly if you want to get slim faster. It keep record that how much biscuits you will eat, You can write in your note that how many biscuits you will eat in a day.

2. Have Break Fast Daily: You are not hungry in the morning, doesn't matter forced yourself eat breakfast, included healthy meal in your breakfast but eat in a less volume, don't eat too much. your first meal of the day give you the whole day work

3. Eat in a Small Ratio: You can make a chart for you eat timing like 4 time in a day or 7 time in a day but it doesn't mean that you will eat a lot in this time which mention in your chart, whenever you will eat you have very small quantity. It will help you to keep fit but aware that don't include high cholesterol meal in this chart.

4. Set you Meal Quantity: As We told you above section don't eat over. Enter your meal quantity in your weight loss note it will help you to set the meal amount for you. Figure out all the points that how much meal you want to need in your day work, just be careful to select you meal type and meal quantity.

5. Include exercise in Daily Routine: Enter exercise in your daily timing to get over weight and stay fit. exercise keep you fit and it gives you also the benefit of stay toned and get slim. You can make schedule for your exercise in focus of Running, Swimming & Walking etc. You can do these exercise at your home, don't need to go anywhere or spend time or money.

6. Water and More Water: Drink lots of water in a day as you can. Water help you reduce extra fat in your body and We also feel that we are not hungry (we are full). When you do exercise its come in the form of sweat so its also help you to burn your fat also.

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