The French call their nation “L'Hexagone” due to its unique six-side shape. Every corner of the nation exudes something new- right from the rough French Alps to sun-soaked Provence and beautiful and admirable Cote d’Azur coastline. France offers some of the unique destinations to visit. From the beautiful countryside to cultured cities, France has a diversity to offer. The destinations given below are a must visit:

Paris & Versailles

Known for its elegance, Paris is the European capital decked with marvelous masterpieces like Notre Dame Cathedral and Eiffel Tower. The Louvre showcases the rich heritage of the city while Musée d’Orsay and Musee de L'Orangerie showcase the treasured French art. And, you can witness the most amazing palaces of France at Versailles. The Château De Versailles is a must see here. You can just stay in a hotel and explore the best of France here.

Beautiful Provence countryside

Provence basks below the sun. This amazing countryside has a rugged and alluring appeal. It has small farms with fragranced air. It is a must visit for all those who want to escape out of the bustling city life. Visitors will love to explore village perches which stand over the hilltop of Provence. And you cannot leave the place before visiting the beach resort of Saint Tropez and sites of Haut-Vaucluse.

Côte d’Azur

The French Riviera is an appealing stretch of Mediterranean coastline and is known for its azure-blue water. It is one of the most crowded summer holiday destinations but the autumns and springs are more relaxing. Well you will do something for everyone here. Nice is a great place to enjoy decked with art museums, palm-fringed boulevards and cobblestone streets. It is known for its seaside elegance and cultural attraction. The much famous Cannes is here only.

Mont Saint Michel in Normandy

The pastoral area of Normandy has beautiful apple orchards, cow pastures and woodlands with picturesque towns. Saint Michel is a renowned tourist location.

The Châteaux of Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is just a plush forest landscape location with huge castles placed next to the Loire River. It is the largest UNESCO listed French site. It has a high cultural heritage. Château de Chambord and Chateau de Chenonceau give you a peek into the Renaissance era French court. If you are going along with your family, then Parc Mini Chateaux is the perfect place for you. It has several educational amusement parks with over 40 replicas of Loire Chateaux.

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