A Holiday season brings more opportunities for many merchants including those who sell online. And this is the time when they can create some biggest sales for their customers. Also, it is a profitable time for the merchants as the customers likely to spend more as they normally do.

As the holiday arises, you will expect the sales and conversion rates to increase. But remember that attracting visitors to your Website or increasing the traffic is totally different from increasing sales or converting those visitors into customers.

The useful thing is the high number of customers who visit your online store and then end up buying from you. During holidays you need to pay special attention to making improvements in your sales and marketing strategies.
Both these processes need separate strategies. So, to increase the conversion rates of your store during the holiday season, you should take care of below-mentioned tips:

Improve Site Performance

The shoppers purchasing things online don’t like to wait for much to load your site and products and especially in the festive or holiday season. And to give them a better shopping experience on your store, your site should be fast, not only on the desktop but also on Mobile devices. To optimize the speed of your online store, you can take the help of various online tools to test the site speed, to make the necessary improvements.

Apart from the site’s speed, it is also important to check the functionality of the various processes of your store such as creating accounts or wish lists, checkout process etc. on various devices and operating systems. There are certain marketing promotions for your Magento store and to make sure that everything goes well, you need to improve the performance of your Magento eCommerce store . Because you cannot afford to lose sales during festive season due to site performance.

Easy Shipping and Return Policies

If you created policies for certain processes then it is important to show those to your customers. Your customers must be aware of all the policies, especially about shipping and returns, on your website before they make the purchase. While creating the policies make sure that it is easy and simple understand and find on your store.

Before applying the policies, it is advisable that you should test it on real customers and not to yourself. After explaining those policies to the selected people, ask them whether they understood whatever you discussed with them and they can explain it to you clearly.

And while showing the shipping cost to the customers, make sure it appears before the checkout process because customers don’t like such surprises and it can cause them to abandon their carts.

Complimentary Items or Gift Guide

The best time for shopping is during a holiday season as it brings new offers along with the right to choose the correct gifts. And considering these things if you could make the shopping process easier on your store, you can attract more customers and get their appreciation too.

When the holiday season arrives, you can create a separate section of your site for gifts only which will guide the customers to choose the correct gift and it will save their time. In this section, you should provide the apt filters using which the customers can easily find the desired items as per their cost, color, gift recipient etc.

Apart from helping them in selecting the gifts, you can also add a feature and functionality of suggesting the complimentary items for the products they are purchasing. For example, if your customer is purchasing a men’s shoes, suggest him a pair of matching socks, or if they are purchasing a mobile phone, suggest them a mobile cover or other such accessories. With this strategy you can increase average order value and also show the other items you sell on your store.

Focus On Mobile Shoppers

As per Internet Retailer survey, in the U.S. more than 30% of online sales occurs on mobile devices. There are instances when most of the browsing is done using mobile and it ends with the purchase of products using the desktop. As it is easy for the customers to create and log into the accounts on mobile devices and even if they left the website, they can start the purchase process from that step (from where they left).

When you are developing a mobile focussed website, the design elements, and contents such as appearance categories, other features etc. should be the same on all the devices whether it is computers or mobile phones.

Interactive Shopping Cart

When you are creating or optimizing the shopping cart of your store, create it such that the customers are able to see the total cost of the product and orders along with other details such as product description, delivery date, quantity, color, main product image etc.

And it should allow them to update or make changes in the shopping cart like adding a quantity of the product or removing the product. This will help you increase conversions rates and revenue.

Simple and Interesting Navigation

Through an online store, the shop owners focus on creating the perfect shopping experience for their customers. And to create this experience, you need to take care of every possible thing and process on your store. The first thing which customer or visitors does is go through your website and search for the products.

So, to make the customers stay on your website, you need to make browsing on your site easy and fast. And the navigation on your store should be good looking as well as simple to make the users understand on which page they are.

Creation of Wish List

When a new visitors comes in your store, it is not necessary that they will purchase the item on their first visit. It may happen that first, they want to look at the products, select them and purchase it later as per their convenience.
So, for this to happen, you need to give them an option with which they can save the selected products in their cart or wish list first and then they purchase it later directly from there.

Smooth Order Confirmation Page

As we have discussed in earlier points that you could show the related or complimentary products whenever a customer places an order or searches a product. But, the stage at which you show those products does matter. It is advisable to show only the order confirmation message once a customer places the order and do not show the other products on that page. Keep the order confirmation page as clear and smooth as possible.

These were the tips to improve the usability of online store and enhance the sales as well as revenue for your business.

Author's Bio: 

Darshit Parmar is working as a Magento eCommerce Consultant at M-Connect Media. He has gained expertise and experience on PHP programming, open source technology and internet marketing projects within his nine years of tenure in Magento, eCommerce and SEO industry. Along with managing the marketing team he shares his knowledge through M-Connect Media’s blog page and guides his Global clients with the eCommerce UI and UX solutions.