More and more people are using webcam platforms to establish an online presence with the goal of promoting themselves to an online audience. Today, anyone can take their particular talent, skill, or knowledge set, and make it available for the benefit of others.

The development of the Internet has made it possible for anyone to sell their services to anyone else, anywhere in the world. The everyman has been empowered to make business in the space that was once available only to outfits with big budgets and a far reach. This reach, that was once required to create relationships and conduct the free exchange of services beyond your own personal locality, is now available to anyone with the intent and ambition.

Services like tutoring, counseling, lecturing, mentoring, coaching, and entertaining can all be found online as prerecorded content, or in live webcam interactions. Prerecorded web videos of tutorials or seminars are created and published, to be consumed at the leisure of the consumer. For live exchanges between a service provider and end-user, appointments for interaction are made, or a published schedule of availability is followed.

A platform like has partnered with many universities in the U.S. and throughout the world to provide online courses covering the full range of academic pursuits. Teachers are able to go beyond their physical classroom and further monetize their knowledge. At, another online learning site, anyone can create a channel and sell their coaching and mentoring services. This ‘flexible learning’ approach offered by both Coursera and Udemy is seeing growth that currently outpaces actual brick-and-mortar university enrollment. Users are flocking to these knowledge databases for the ease of consumption and affordability.

With site platforms like Udemy and, a user can schedule a time to have one-on-one personal mentoring and coaching sessions with leading experts in their fields of study or skill. Today, SkillShare is a top destination for finding your own personal business coach, technology guru, photography teacher, or entrepreneurial mentor.

Beyond the more serious pursuits of academic learning or skill mastery, there are webcam platforms that exist to broadcast live adult entertainment. Platforms, where one can build out an extensive online profile, ready with picture and video libraries for purchase, a complete social media engagement setup, and high definition streaming options for live broadcasts. To cover these popular services, there is a great site about webcam platforms that publishes reviews and articles that can be used to find exactly what you’re looking for, in the arena of live entertainment webcam sites.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.