Have you ever gotten any thing printed in 3D? Have you ever faced any problems like cheap material or print defects? If your answers to these questions are yes, then you might be one of the unfortunate ones to have experienced what becomes of poor quality 3D printer filament when used. Over the last few years, people have become increasing reliant on 3D printing. You may have thought of 3D printing as maybe a gimmick, or something that one will use for making toys or art projects for schools. This idea has soon changed ever since it became accepted in the market as a much more useful concept than it seemed to be.

Today, you may know that many professionals, members of different industries like art, engineering, architecture, etc use 3D printing regularly. They use 3D printing for all kinds of needs, like having one made to see how their blueprints and designs would look like, without making a working prototype. This is beneficial to you if you ever use 3D printing services since the whole process is sharp and quicker than any other alternative. You can receive a 3D printed model that looks and feels just like you wanted on design. Another difference would be that you’ll receive it within a short period of time, instead of waiting for weeks or months.

In order for you to get a good 3D model designed and printed, one of the most important decisions is choosing the right printer filament. Different filaments are available that are suited to the nature of what you want to be printer. However, what’s crucial is that you must use only the best quality 3D printer filament for your 3D printed model. There is a different variety of 3D printer filaments and a host of reasons why it’s important to choose the right one, and the best one among them.

Following are some 3D printing filament India uses for different kinds of 3D prints:

1. Metal 3D Filament: Contrary to the name of the filament, it does not contain metal at all. It is actually metallic in nature, since it is bound properly with polymers while using metallic powder. You can use it to make models that can stand a maximum temperature of up to 210 Celsius or more. Though it is not made of metal, you can use this filament to make models that look exactly like metal, thus the name ‘Metal’ filament.
2. ABS 3D Filament: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS filament, is a light-weight 3D printing filament. Though light and flexible, the ABS Filament is very strong and is one of the best quality 3D printer filament you can use. You can use it to make models of vehicle parts, models with moving parts, electric housings, conducting wires, etc. It is this property of the ABS filaments that makes it the most bought and used filament after PLA 3D filaments.
3. PET-G 3D Filament: If you have used the PET-G filament, you would know that it is a clear and transparent filament. This filament is a thermoplastic polymer which resembles a glass-like or crystal-like surface. Due to its amorphous nature, you can use it to make plates, cups or any solid object you would like to look made of glass or crystal. It can be used for other purposes too, but glassy models remain the top most required usages of it.
4. PLA 3D Filament: Polylactic Acid is a 3D filament polymer made completely from bio-degradable products. PLA, is made of products such as corn starch, cane husks, paddy wastes, etc. It is this quality of PLA that makes it a very strong and durable filament that you can find. You can use PLA to make toys, shapes, consumer products and other such miscellaneous models. Due to its properties, it has become the most sought after filament by 3D printing filament India suppliers and printers.
Why you should go for only the Best Quality 3D Printer Filament for all your 3D Prints?

 Before you go for any 3D printing filament, there are usually multiple reasons and decisions that you should carefully consider beforehand. This includes the factor that is the filament maintaining the cost to quality ratio at all times for your 3D prints.
 The filament must be within your affordable range and shouldn’t force you to stretch your budget. However, while remaining in your budget, you should be able to achieve whichever model you want to print, efficiently.
 You should also carefully choose a reliable and trusted 3D printing filament India supplier or dealer. This is because of the fact that you will require a supplier who gives you quality 3D filaments, and supplies them on time without having you to wait or skimp on quality or timeliness.
 One important thing to ensure is that the 3D filament you have obtained from your supplier is safe and meets the standards of 3D printing requirements and needs. Bad 3D filaments can ruin your printer or cause a monetary loss in your work or practice.

Based on the reasons and factors that you read above about 3D filaments, suppliers and uses, you would have realized how careful and nitpicky you should be when choosing the best quality 3D printer filament. Choosing the correct type of 3D filament can be the deciding factor between you or your client having a prim and proper 3D model, or a useless mess of subpar quality and proportions.

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