Whether it is your first trip with your first child or the fifth holiday with your fifth child: traveling with children is always a challenge. Of course your first flight is going to be exciting, because you don’t know how your child will react. People may look at you irritably but soon you will realize that it is such a beautiful and valuable adventure to start a family together. From getting to your destination to what to bring with you, worries are closer than you think. Anyway, there are many tips to ensure that your holiday goes a little smoother together.

Request permission

Traveling with children also sometimes causes problems. If parents are traveling abroad alone or with a grandparent with his or her (grand) child, the other parent must have permission. These regulations must prevent child abduction. Check early if a consent form is needed.

Check your passport

Check a few weeks in advance whether you can still find your passport and whether the document is still valid. Also check whether there are special conditions in the country of your (holiday) destination. In some countries, your passport must be valid for another six months. If your passport is no longer valid, request a new one from your well in advance.

If this is your first trip and you are going to apply for a new passport, then always provide the latest photo for your passport. For taking a professional photo, we recommend that you don't put on too light clothes. With light colors, there is a chance that the colors disappear in the background. You can also order passport photos online from home. Simply search passport photos near me on Google and you will see the list of businesses or photographers offering such services in your area. Furthermore, it is only a matter of relaxed seating for your passport photo.

Never drag too much

Secretly you always take too much and with a baby that happens even faster. Write down for yourself what you really should not forget. But remember: you can also buy almost everything you need abroad. It is much more pleasant not to drag a ton of stuff.

Take it easy

You may be used to rushing through the airport quickly (long live shortcuts). But those days are behind you. Do not be afraid. Don't let fear hold you back unless you know that you are no longer a nice person in stressful situations. Take it all easy, relax, and go with the flow.

Notice their activities

One unguarded moment and your child walks somewhere on his / her own. See that they always have your phone number with them. You can just write that on their arm with a marker.

Give them a camera

Giving children their own (robust and child-friendly) camera encourages them to look at the environment in their own way. You will be surprised afterwards by the photos!

Allow some time apart

A little me-time is always welcome, right? Leave the children with your partner and go hiking, swimming or going to the wellness on your own. When the children are asleep, but also a pleasant time for your partner and yourself.

Be positive

You decide what you think is important enough to worry about. On vacation, the typical boundaries and rules of home are a bit more blurred and it is also easier to become a 'no, no, no, no' parent. But focus on the important things. On the fun stuff. It is vacation. Enjoy.

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Misty Jhones