It is that time of the year again, when different thoughts and ideas conflict in your head as you seek to find the perfect Valentine’s gift for your man. It is always best to gift your beloved man something that will last. But how do you pick the awesome gifts for your man this Valentine?


By now, you should be familiar with what makes your man tick; his preferences, and things he loves and values. Certainly, you would want your present to have much significance and impression on your cherished man’s life. We have some ideas for you to make it easier choosing a Valentine’s gift for him:



  • Underwear: Who says you can’t get your man an underwear? Get your man some silk boxers for a sleek and sexy feel.
  • A tie: If he is one for corporate dressing, high quality chequered ties, with accompanying tie clip and accessories will mean a lot to him.
  • A footwear: Upgrade his foot wears, by giving him a solid shoe. Any of dress shoes, boots, and casuals are very good ideas.
  • Bespoke socks: Lighten the air around his workplace with a more playful pack of customized socks. You can write his name, nickname, or any short and funny memory you guys have shared.
  • Shirts: Whether it is a leather and wool jacket for winter, a Nike classic no-hassle hoodie, or a typical oxford shirt for work, your man will always appreciate one of these.
  • Cap: A baseball cap or any other stylish cap you know of would do. Not just for the hot summer days, he can rock it on any casual or sporty outfit.
  • A wristwatch: Give your man a contemporary timepiece. This is a perfect and personal gift that he will always be grateful to you for You should have found out from your casual conversations, the type of watch he loves. If you do not know, you can maybe ask his close friend.
  • Bracelets: A leather strap bracelet is not a bad option. You can also try those made from steel and bicycle chains if you know he loves rugged looks.
  • Personalized Gentleman’s Premium Set: Earmark a tie clip, money clip, and cufflinks with his initials to make them more unique than the other ones he has.
  • Le Specs Sunglasses: Totally stylish, durable, and functional. They are also cost effective and he will rock them all year round.



  • Headphones or a portable Bluetooth record player: Wireless or cordless headphones will ensure he can listen to his favourite playlists anytime of the day. Also wireless, the record player is equally sophisticated.
  • A video game: Almost every guy loves video games. You can remind him of his childhood days with a vintage Nintendo gaming system that was first released in 1985. Each of the console has one controller and many preloaded games. You can also decide to buy him a PlayStation 4 with FIFA games.



  • Perfume: Colognes are one of the favourite and staple supplies for guys. You can also try the usual Swiss army eau de toilette. It features revitalizing citrus and fresh minty notes.
  • A luxury shave set: Nothing beats the gift of a well-groomed face. This will even both benefit him and you. For example, the Truman set has everything he requires- a razor, spare cartridges, a travel case, shaving cream, and all the accessories. The one from Van der Hagen brags a 100% badger brush, a branded apothecary mug, a blend brush, a hypoallergenic shave soap, and a razor stand. These will get him that clean face.



  • Cards: Get traditional Valentine’s Day quotes to touch his heart. You can also write your own special unique quote for him. However, giving out only cards may not suffice. It should go with something else. You can try out different combinations. For example, a card and a wristwatch, a card and a videogame, etc.
  • His favourite drink: A bottle of champagne always does the trick. Find out whether it is beer or whiskey that is his thing. Cocktails are not out of place.
  • A hardcover moleskin: Many men appreciate gifts that are useful. This sophisticated notebook is one that he can use both at home and at the office for his daily activities.
  • Wallet: No doubt, all men love a good wallet. Go for 100% pure leather. Try an Americana Deluxe wallet.
  • Tickets: Which football or basketball club does he support? Is he a concert goer? Does he love the museum? Get a ticket for him and yourself and have fun.
  • A book: If he is an avid reader, get him a book on his favourite subjects and authors. You can also get him a book for relationship guidance.
  • Valentine’s Day Flower and Chocolate: Valentine’s day is all about love, chocolate and flowers. At the end of the day, it can culminate with some warm romance. If you are considering of giving the gift of chocolate hamper and stunning flower hand bouquets for men, well welcome to the new age of 21st century of flower gifting. Get a reputable flower delivery to assist you to brighten his day

Browse around these different ideas, know which works best for you, and send your man the perfect Valentine’s gift that he deserves. This article should give you some fresh ideas in your Valentine’s day buying process.

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