Without a wedding ring, a wedding is inconceivable. She is an important participant in the engagement ceremony. Dressing him on the ring finger of the spouse, the newlyweds swear to love and fidelity. This ring will accompany them in family life, will become a reminder of this oath and the obligations taken by the marriage.

For these reasons, young people are especially careful in choosing a wedding ring. It leaves a mark and fashion. Modern wedding trends tend to be extraordinary. And the leading positions in their row are occupied by vintage wedding rings.

The Essence of Vintage Style

Vintage style is often confused with retro style. Meanwhile, there is a significant difference. Retro is stylization of antiquity, and vintage is antiquity in its purest form.

In other words, a wedding ring made today, but artificially aged or made in the spirit of some historical era, will be a retro ring. But the grandmother’s engagement ring or a little ring bought in an antique shop, whose date of birth leaves, at least in the middle of the last century, is already a real vintage, the bearer of a style honed by time.

Note: a vintage ring can be found in a store, at auction, in an antique shop or grandmother's casket.

What You Need to Know About Vintage Wedding Rings

First of all, in vintage rings their elitism captivates, because the mass production, if there was one, is already long over. And there is a high probability that you will never meet such a ring on any ring finger.

Secondly, vintage rings have a special charm inherent in antiques. Wearing a vintage ring on your finger, you can feel like a princess from a fairy tale or the heroine of some Hollywood movie.

Thirdly, the ancient rings are distinguished by a special faceting of the stone and their indescribable brilliance. The older the ring, the finer the work with the precious metal, the more exclusive the design and the more luxurious the stone.

Note: the cost of a vintage engagement ring is higher than a similar modern one, but still not sky-high, unless, of course, we are talking about exclusive types made to order, in a single copy and containing an inconceivable size, a diamond of purest water.

Secrets of Vintage Rings

Vintage rings have special energy inherited from their past owners. Therefore, with ancient rings, especially wedding rings, you need to be careful.

•Make sure that there is no falsification.

The surest way to do this is to give a ring for an expert assessment that costs money. You can strain your attention yourself and, with the help of a magnifying glass, make out the stigma. In the old days, every jewelry house always put its mark on precious jewelry. On it, you can determine the workshop and even the master.

Important: Precious metals do not respond to the magnet!

•Try to find out the "legend" - the history of the ring.

Every vintage ring has a past. And the engagement ring has the past family life of his former mistress. What was a marriage like? Good if long and happy. And if not? If a woman survived a divorce or prematurely widowed? If there is any doubt about such an account, do not risk it, even though the ring sits on your finger “like a poured one”.

Folk Superstitions Associated with Engagement Rings

Over the millennia of its existence, wedding rings have grown with solid dowries of folk legends and beliefs. Some of them are no longer relevant, and some make sense to listen to.

•You can’t use wedding rings made of gold from other people's melted wedding rings, even if these “strangers” are your parents.

•You can’t get engaged in a widow's ring. Even if a widow or widower enters into a second marriage, it is better, from superstitious prejudices, to sell the engagement ring from the first marriage for scrap or to hide in a distant box. It is also impossible to give such a ring, which stores the bitter energy of the death of a spouse.

Important: The same rule applies to the wedding rings of spouses who have survived a divorce. Both spouses should part with the “witnesses” of the destroyed marriage.

•The loss of an engagement ring is a bad omen, meaning divorce or illness.
•You can’t let others measure your wedding ring - to be a family quarrel!

Note: you can’t measure someone else’s wedding rings, but you can touch (at a wedding) and even useful. This is considered a good omen, promising its own fast wedding.

Types of Vintage Rings

Three basic styles of vintage engagement rings are shared.

1. Victorian Wedding Rings - Simplicity & Chic

Victorian engagement rings date from the 19th century. The date of birth of the jewelry style is 1835. One of the most famous jewelry houses that worked in this style and founded the fashion for wedding rings in yellow or pink gold with a diamond - Tiffany.

Victorian wedding rings are distinguished by elegant classic proportions, without excessive design "finds."

2. Edwardian Wedding Rings - Luxury & Sophistication

Edwardian wedding rings appeared at the beginning of the 20th century and began to be produced in 1900. They are distinguished by the constant presence of precious stones, not only diamonds. In order to emphasize the beauty of the stone, jewelers actively used platinum. Each ring turned out to be unique and ... not cheap.

3. Engagement Rings In the Art Deco Style - Precious Geometry

The style originated in the first half of the 20th century. The first art deco engagement rings were released in 1920. Most often, yellow gold and platinum were used for their manufacture.

Engagement rings in the art deco style are distinguished by rich inlay with precious stones and appeal to the ethnic motifs of the East. Hence the frequent repetition of decorative geometric elements in the decoration of wedding rings.

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