It’s world’s largest indoor theme park and an epic entertainment destination-IMG Worlds of Adventure. The indoor theme park is pretty amazing all being indoors and features four themed areas that are super detailed and huge in scale. But first, how do you make it to the destination? Well, all you need is an IMG World Tickets which not only grants you access to the park but lets you experience excitement in different epic zones around the park including:


The stellar attraction features iconic rides featuring characters such as Thor, Captain America and Tony’s skydeck a luxurious seafood and steak restaurant based on Iron Man’s alter ego Tony stark.

Highlights include:

● Hulk Epsilon-a 100 metre ride that spins you with the angry green man in a 3D simulator.

● Spider Man Doc Ock’s Revenge-A mind boggling 400m spinning roller coaster that propels you to New York's skyline of course on Marvel’s popular web slinger.

Cartoon Network

The zone features family friendly attractions based around popular characters such as:

● Lazy Town

● The PowerPuff Girls

● The Amazing world of Gumball

● World’s first Ben 10 5D Cinema

Lost Valley

The Dinosaur adventure zone hosts one of the park’s flagship attractions-The velociraptor. It blasts riders out of the park and into the desert at an insane speed of 100km/hr in 2.5 secs. The zone also has 70 gigantic animatronic dinosaurs built with incredible detail such as the beautiful hand sculptured scales.

IMG Boulevard

The largely dining and retail area hosts the genuinely terrifying haunted hotel. The walk through attraction has a maze of corridors and creepy characters with most prominent being a blood drenched butcher surrounded by hanging corpses.

Food also stands out here and according to Lennard Otto the CEO of the park, “The Park has heavily invested in its food and beverage offering”. Reason being, to get rid of the idea of overpriced, bad food which is the norm in most theme parks around the world. That said, there are upto 28 unique concepts with some linked to the characters featuring more than 13 unique cuisines.
Fun Facts IMG Worlds of Adventure

● It’s world’s largest indoor theme park in the world with an area of 1.5 million square feet

● The park brings an awesome world of marvel comics and cartoon network to life

● Two of the four zones in the park represent global renowned brands-Cartoon Network & Marvel, while IMG Boulevard and Lost Valley were the original concepts of the park

● The park can accommodate more than 20,000 guests in a day

● The park hosts 28 food venues and beverage outlets, 25 retail stores/kiosks with exclusive merchandise from around the world

● The park was opened by Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid in August 2016

● The park has plans to position itself as one of the region’s leading entertainment centres

● Cartoon Network zone includes a 5D cinema and hosts up to 1200 visitors an hour

● The park has 22 rides and attractions including the Velociraptor in Lost Valley which spins riders inside the indoor park before speeding into the surrounding desert

● The Haunted Hotel in IMG Boulevard covers 200,000 square feet of space

● The temperature controlled indoor theme park appeals to locals and visitors alike due to high temperatures which reach an average high of 41 degrees celsius

● Few months after the park had received its first paying guests, IMG groups announced plans for the 2 million+square feet IMG World of Legends. This will directly result in access to different international brands including Nickelodeon, pokemon and so much more

● The building that makes up the park is one of the unique structures in the world that spans up to 80-90 metres without columns. In fact, the building has been designed to withstand stronger winds than that of world’s tallest structure-Burj Khalifa Tickets

● The park holds more than 1500 staff from different countries who deliver the highest international standards and guest experience

● The park has adopted a European standard which governs the operation and maintenance of fairground, amusement park machinery and structures

Ready for fun and excitement in this mega park? We just can’t put down all the goodness that goes on in the park, but from the briefing above you bet, there’s so much fun you can indulge in be it alone, with friends or family. To visit, you simply purchase your IMG Worlds ticket online at in an easy to follow process, get really cool discounts and have your booking confirmed instantly. What more could you ask for? Let’s get down at the park and just have fun.

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