What a strange concept, that seems to pull away from reality.
It will make more sense, if we connect PTSD to emotions of carnality.

Okay, let us give these emotions a face describing the following list.
The carnal man or woman connects to fear, anger, worry, stress, and lust.

In reference to such connections we with PTSD disconnect with Spirit.
We may be stretching our mind forward (with great therapeutic effort.)

There are several kinds of services to try to get our minds filled with some peace.
The truth is that, if we do not connect to the Spirit of peace, we have no release.

1 Corinthians 13:2,3 is explicit in that we have nothing gained without love.
The purest love comes from the Eternal Spirit that is only given from above.

The ‘faces’ identified previously, also, have a lower spirit to rebuke, you see.
Ephesians 6:12 depict the struggle of spiritual wicked forces against you, and me.

This becomes even more relevant when we suffer from past trauma in the mind.
We are filled with spirits who continue to keep us weak with thoughts unkind.

Whether we believe in Satan’s legions or not, he is after our thoughts in the head.
Though he has limited powers, unlike God’s omnipresence, his demons get fed.

Every self-defeating, negative thought becomes food for demonic influence.
When we give into fear, anger, worry, stress, and lust, it displays congruence.

If such thinking can defeat our health from replenishment, the opposite it true.
We need to counter-act the fearsome five’s influence in order not to be blue.

Here is a little Reiki decree to share that I say in the morning, and at night.
“Just for today,” do and do not get statements as follows with all our might.

“Do not get angry or worry, be grateful, work hard, and to others be kind.”
These little statements affirm what is most important to have peace of mind.

When opportunities, and relationships are ended it is like a closed door in life.
There is wisdom in regarding this as a blessing to keep our lives free from strife.

Eternal Spirit has a plan for each of us before our birth that is set in motion.
It has to do with our purpose in life, and hidden treasures revealed by devotion!

We may not recognize what our internal gifts, or skills are by our own self.
We may even go through most of our lives with our gifts sitting on a shelf.

Somehow, some way the gifts will be revealed to us as a ‘glimpse’ of hope.
So, please do not think your life has not any purpose when you cannot cope.

By the process of elimination of jobs, and relationships we find our true calling.
In retrospect (for me) I see that has happened from jobs lost being so appalling.

Knowing that a marriage ended because of a higher purpose brings comfort.
There was a greater good that came about, even from beyond my best effort.

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Do you want to know more about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD?) Contact me and I will share from my own twice-healed experiences. I am also a Qigong and Reiki Practitioner doing Poetry Workshops. Family, friends, and those with PTSD find me at: http://www.RisaRuse.com. See my books on Amazon at: http://www.CreateSpace.com/5289024. Namaste!