Getting dumped by the man you love can make a girl feel ugly and insufficient. This can make her will feel like all her efforts and all she has invested into the relationship were insufficient and think that she's unattractive. It's normal for you to think that the only solution is to make it so your ex would want you back. If you're puzzled as to how to do it well, here are some tips on how to get someone to want you back.

The first step on how to get someone to want you back is to think rationally instead of being emotional. Girls give in to crying, begging, pleading, threats, and emotional blackmail when they are emotional, which are unattractive to guys. While your guy might feel pity for you and take you back anyhow, it's not the best way to deal with it. It will be a temporary reconciliation and he will leave you once he gets tired of you if he comes back to you because of pity.

The healthy way on how to get someone to want you back is either to be a better person during the breakup or be the same person you were when you first met your ex. A usual trend in a relationship is that girls offer too much and lose the mystery and charm they had which attracted their ex to them in the first place. This time is perfect for you to build up on your personal development which you fail to remember after focusing too much on a relationship.

Think back to the time when you first met him if you feel the suggestion is unrelated since what you want is your ex back, not self-development.

You had something that made him interested and wanna be in your life, and that's attracted him to you.

Was it your being artistic? Was it the way you love nature? Every so often, girls forget the things that make them special when they enter a relationship and their life now revolves around the boyfriend and the relationship. One major rule in how to get someone to want you back is to recover that mystery factor again. He'll get curious again if you build up your talents and skills, and he may even wanna be a part of your life once more.

Consider if you were the one who left if you wanna know how to get someone to want you back.

What do you think are the effective ways that could make you want your ex back?

Whether you accept or not, wouldn't it drive you insane if you saw your ex doing better than you had expected? It works similarly, and while your ex might want you to stay away, he will anticipate and possibly wish that you'll attempt to chase him. He'll reconsider his decision if he sees you truly doing better than him after the breakup. He might wonder if he's the one who truly needs the relationship more than you do, because you're doing so well alone.

These are only a few pointers on how to get someone to want you back. On the other hand, don't be too noticeable if you try the suggestions mentioned. If you're trying too hard, a guy will see it and will be turned off by your actions.

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