Digital marketing term is used for promoting the products or services through online medium and search engines. It overcomes the disadvantages and difficulties of traditional marketing methodologies such as paper advertisements, card printing, banner ads, etc. To reach a large group of audience we create a promotion based on customer needs.
SEO – Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website through search engine. SEO refers to the improvement of results and include direct traffic visitors and the of non-paid placement

SEO have On Page , OFF Page works to promote your business through online.
The ON Page SEO will work at single time on the website which we adopt based on keywords and search engine tools which we have already in market and follow algorithm based through search engine provides.
OFF Page SEO will have to work on daily basis to promote your website through online or search engines, which we identify the keywords and build backlinks to your website with good domain authority and page authority. This will help us to bring more quality back links to your website.
We will do SEO not only to increase the visitors to the website but also to grow the business using social media.
The SEO Off page works on daily basis to promote the keywords and content in the Digital Marketing packages. In OFF page seo content is the king” to promote business. We normally write unique title with non duplicate content to our customers. The content which we write as easily readable and understanding.
We create a backlinks to the website to promote our business locally. For that we have write as region based keywords also include the article. The OFF page strategies which we follow is easy to build your website with high quality ranking and good displacement for your keywords.
SEM – Search Engine Marketing is based on internet-based marketing services associated with researching, submitting and positioning to the website based on keyword results SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position).
SEM / PPC involves to create an ad’s on Google ads centre or Google merchant centre. We focus search engine marketing using competitive analysis, keyword cost analysis, location-based result, re-marketing and re-targeting, call of action, lead generation form to improve the traffic.
The ads we create will be based on their preference or else we will suggest an suitable ads for their business.
SMO – Using Social Media Optimization we work with various social media websites to promote the business and maintain online reputation. We can reach out to global audience by strategically using social media.
The type of online websites that we use are LinkedIn,Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and video sharing sites like YouTube and blogging websites.
Understanding your business
Develop an effective plan to promote it.
Identify the right social media platform for your business
Once identified, create useful content and promote in that particular website.
Reputation management across various social media.
Facebook: The Facebook page we create for their business to promote online medium. It helps to get the page likes, content sharing, post engagement, comments, and so on. We can create a events and stories board which will read and follow the customer to likes the pages.
Linkedin: LinkedIn company pages help to build brand awareness by providing a channel to promote the products or services to customers and prospects.
– Fill in Company Details for Your LinkedIn Company Page
– Upload a Logo and Banner Image for Your LinkedIn Company Page
– Post Company Updates From Your LinkedIn Company Page
– Promote Your LinkedIn Company Page to Attract Followers
Twitter: The Twitter profile which we will create for their business to get more visitors followers and following the profile and content sharing on the post. Here we have option called tweets, reply, media, likes, forms and so on. In Twitter Re-tweet concept is more famous to promote the content in online medium.
SMM – Social Media Marketing helps to promote the page using paid marketing promotion using Facebook ads, Linked-in Ads and so on. The Ads will focus on target location, interest, age group, time, and so on.
Facebook Ads: Facebook ads are paid marketing tool which helps to reach the people who matter most to them. Advertisers create campaigns that have specific goals, which we call advertising objectives and they create ads within those campaigns to help them reach those objectives. Facebook all-in-one advertising platform and it supports campaign like Brand Awareness, Website visit, Engagement, Lead generation and so on.
LinkedIn ADS: LinkedIn’s ads service helps to launch a targeted campaign in minutes. We can set our own budget and choose clicks or impressions, and also we can stop the ads at any time using Campaign Manager. LinkedIn is all-in-one advertising platform and it supports campaign like Brand Awareness, Website visit, Engagement, Lead generation and so on.
YouTube Channel – We create a separate channel for your service and promote your video based on the content you provide.
For video promotion, Do you provide a video content for us or we have to create our own video for your business.
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