We’ve all been there: you want to add some flair to your home and renovate/redecorate it, but do not want it to cost a pretty penny and make a big dent in your finances. Given the great amount of interest that homeowners show in cost-effective redecoration, we figured that we should share some tips that would help them achieve it. We understand that everyone has a different scope of updates in mind, so someone might only want to change their radiator covers, while another person will want a budget full-home makeover, so we have listed tips both small and large in scale:

1. Add a fresh layer of paint

Sometimes, all it takes to bring excitement back into a home is a fresh coat of paint. Thus, if the colour of your walls has faded over the years, you can easily fix it with some paint. Once it dries, the settings will be vivid and eye-catching once again. You can look for leftover barrels of the paint you initially used or purchase a new container at a store at a reasonable price.

2. Repurpose old and nonfunctional items

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you have a big home, you probably have a fair amount of junk and old stuff lying around in closets, sheds, or the attic/basement. To give your home a unique style, you can repurpose these items and turn them into installations. Just like old tires can be turned into swings or flowerbeds, you can come up with creative ways to turn junk into art.

3. Focus on the first rooms

As funny as it may seem, the first impression of a house often comes from the first room that a guest visits. For most houses, this is the corridor where they take off their clothes and shoes. Thus, if you do not have the funds for a full-home makeover, you can at least focus on one or two rooms that guests are likely to visit (corridor, living room, kitchen).

4. Shop smart

You can save money on your purchases in several ways. For example, many of the items you typically need (tools, furniture, decorations) can be found in yard/garage sales. Thus, it might help to check them out when you see them pop up in your neighbourhood. Another common approach is to look for the items in thrift stores, where older models of various items are sold at a discount. Finally, even major stores offer various sales and off-season discounts, so you can wait for just the right time to get what you need.

5. Make your own art

Buying art from galleries is an expensive way to fill up your home with beauty. On the other hand, making your own art is much more fun and rewarding. After all, anyone who visits will get to comment on the work you have completed. It could also serve as a great activity to bond with your partner, possibly even in the format of a date.

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