In all the spiritual texts God did his work and then took a day off. And He looked back at what He had accomplished and was happy. Yet we have people doing more and more and they are not happy. Read More…

Not long ago I met a high powered trainer. He worked super hard, in fact, he worked almost 24/7 and he was running from one state to another. And he didn’t have any time to himself… let along doing a consultation with me. In fact, he missed 2 appointments because he was so busy. He has adrenal fatigue and he works himself to the bone… and he is not happy. Yet all that money keeps coming in and he is not willing to let it go… even if he ends up having a stress induced heart attack. For some people there is nothing you can do for them until the right learning lesson comes along and they awaken. All we can do is pray.

But one of my best friends makes a modest living and they are happy. And my friend even told me “Paul I need my down time, my time to contemplate, my time to relax, and my time to just be.” He’s made having down time a priority in his life… and he’s extremely happy.

Happiness does not come about because of what we do. Oh, of course, we have to like what we do for a living… that’s very important. And if we sit around all the time doing nothing that’s not good either because we eventually become depressed. We need balance in our lives to be happy. Balance is the key to a very successful and fulfilling life.

Multiple studies done at Cornell, San Francisco State University, and many other universities show that we need a certain amount of material good to be happy. But over the long run it’s our loving experiences that we cherish and remember for the rest of our lives. Being with family, being outdoors in nature, and having the time to help the neighbor who needs a helping hand and more.

Balance is the key to a happy, enjoyable life. But lots of people have lost all sense of balance. And this creates a domino effect that starts a downward spiral. So take the time to smell the roses, take the time to get out in nature, take the time to be with family, and take the time to go for a ride in the country and enjoy a simple picnic. For those are the things that we remember when we pass over to the other side of the veil.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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