“Even from a Purely Scientific Standpoint, We are a Trillions of Beings”

Down through the ages we have heard in all the spiritual texts that it’s important to move away from “I, ME, and MINE” to the “WE” and understand we are all part of the greatness of everything.

But from a purely scientific point of view, we are a truly a “WE”.

Our Gut

Take, for instance, all the bacteria we have in our gut, we should have about 4 or 5 pounds of good bacteria in our gut in order to have a powerful immune system and prevent disease. Every one of those bacteria is an individual living being, not part of our cells… they are autonomous beings that just happen to live in our GI tract. 

Our Eye Lashes

We also have small nematode-like worm-like beings that live in the areas of our eyelashes that help to protect our eyes by killing bacteria. They again are living, breathing, beings. Beings that have a life of their own but they work together with our body to keep our eyes healthy. 

Our Skin

Even on our skin, we have millions of tiny mites that live there eating all the dead skin and in return help us to stay healthy. Thus we are not alone ever… we are one with all these beings.

Good Viruses in Our Body

We also have good viruses that are all over in our bodies that work together with our blood, lymph, and other tissues to keep us healthy. And there are viruses called phage in our mucus that kill unwanted bacteria and thus keep us healthy. Place an E. Coli virus on our mucous membranes and the phage kill the bacteria. - Wow! Again we are not alone. 

When We Kill These Viruses, Mites, and Bacteria we Become Very Sick
And thus when we kill these organisms that live on and in our bodies with chemicals and other things we become very sick. Thus we are truly a “WE” and not an “I”.

And then step back a bit and see the world and all the human beings that inhabit this living planet… we are truly one living organism.

What was said in all the spiritual texts about us being a “WE” is really true.

Consider yourself a “We”.

And know for sure… that just in your body you have billions of beings!

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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