You ask what’s your purpose… I say… you already know your purpose.

Consider this:

1 - Science has proven that consciousness does not dissipate but goes on forever.

2 - Science has proven at the University of Virginia with thousands of case studies that we live multiple lives.

3 - Every single spiritual sect talks about the fact that we go on forever… that we do not end.

4 - Thousands who have had near death experiences tell us that we go on forever.

5 - And when they come back they tell of beings of immense love and a feeling of being immersed in love to the point that they have a hard time coming back.

6 - We come from that place of love and thus we are to recreate that love here in this existence.

7 - Yet we get sidetracked and end up not doing what our soul has endeavored to do in the first place.

8 - And that’s why we keep coming back to this plane over and over again to try to get it right sooner or later.

Lets cut to the chase… we already know what our purpose is… it’s to spread love in whatever fashion we choose.

So how are YOU going to spread love now?

It’s up to you!

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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