Sleep is very important for the growth of your newborn baby. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the type of bedding and cot you buy for the baby should be comfortable. In addition to comfort, you have to ensure that the bed is also safe. Several safety procedures have been set aside by the government to ensure that the baby sleeps well the whole night. When a baby is below four months, you can opt for a Moses crib. A Moses crib is small enough to carry around the house but big enough to ensure that your baby is safe and comfortable. Some parents even put them to sleep in their prams pushchairs. However, as soon as your baby is over 6kg or about 13 pounds, they should be moved to a crib, which is much bigger, safer and more comfortable for them.

A cot bed looks just like a baby cot but is usually larger and wider. This is because they are designed to be converted into toddler beds after about three or four years. They are more convenient and cost-effective because their lifespan is much longer. They can be used for up to seven years or until the child becomes too tall to fit in it. You can buy the bed together with other nursery furniture because some stores now sell them as a package.

When buying your baby's bed, ensure that it has teething rails. These are non-toxic plastic rails that are safe enough for the baby to chew on when he is teething. Most beds that are made of the unsafe material or those that are painted are not safe for the baby because they contain some form of poison that will harm the baby. This is one of the safety precautions that you should look out for when buying your baby's bed.

It's mandatory to check the size of the cot. It should not be too small because then it will end up being quite uncomfortable for your child. And if it too large then there must be a gap between the rods and cot which is very dangerous for your kid. So make sure that you take measurements of the cot you are intending to put the bedding in and measure the bedding as well.

Not a lot of people put a great deal of thought into the bedding for their baby. However, it is just as important as anything else that you will buy for him or her. The Luxury Cots bedding that your baby will sleep on will have a huge effect on its quality of sleep and overall growth of the child.

In addition to that, ensure that the bed has three mattress levels so that you can make the mattress either higher or lower depending on the baby's age. The highest should be for babies who cannot stand up while the lowest should be for those who can stand, as they may fall off the bed when they do. When the baby is old enough to sleep without the rails, you can simply slide them off and keep them in storage for another baby.

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