All of us are fighting an everyday battle against depression and anxiety. Our lives are getting so much fast paced and complex, that more and more people start suffering from disorders like stress, depression and anxiety. As the number of people affecting by such disorder increase, there is more and more work done on these disorders, so that the victim can be helped. One of the fastest growing problems such patients face are the panic attacks. Panic attacks are the byproducts of anxiety. People who are over anxious about small matters may fall prey to this devil of panic attacks.

In a panic attack, the victim suffers from fear of something bad that would happen to him. He may be afraid of matters like an impending disaster, fear of death of himself or a close relative, or separating from loved ones. All of us suffer from our own fears but we can cope with them, but to the sufferers of panic attacks these fears take a much bigger shape in the form of severe panic attacks. The sufferer can feel the symptoms such as nausea, problem in breathing, dizziness and tightening of chest etc. As this problem grow, doctors are studying the causes of panic attacks, as to tackle a problem you should need to have good information of its causes.

There are many causes due to which people may become victim of panic attacks. First of all, a major cause of panic attacks can be the genetic factors. People whose ancestors have history of suffering from anxiety related problems are more likely to be affected by panic attacks. Another reason for the attacks can be deficiency of certain nutrients. People who are deficient are some vitamins and minerals have an increased risk as compared to people who don’t have any deficiencies. Similarly, people who suffer allergy from some food items like yeast and milk can also be liable to the danger of panic attacks.

Another major reason why people can suffer panic attacks has to do with stress. We may feel that we are pretty effective at dealing with stress, but the stress slowly builds up inside us, so it’s never wise to ignore stress. There are some studies which relate panic attacks with the sleep disorders. So, it is important to develop fine breathing patters when we go to sleep. Other studies link panic attacks with chemical or hormonal imbalances within the human body. All of us suffer from hormonal changes during our life cycle, but some of these chemical changes result in anxiety and subsequent panic attacks.

All in all, panic attacks are a serious problem and should not be ignored. If we or any of our loved ones show the symptoms of panic attacks, it is important to seek medical help.

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