e commonest causes of knee pain?If you are serious about being fit at all times you would know the amount of hindrance that could be caused by a bad knee. It is one condition that can aggravate pretty soon if not taken proper care of. Even if you are someone who is super active only on the weekends you can be sure that being laid low by knee pain is never really a great experience. The biggest problem with knee pain is that it keeps coming back time and again. You can always buy knee pain relief oil online and get rid of this pain. However, it would be better if you understood why this happens as well.

Bad foot support

This is the first possible reason as to why you may get knee pain. Now there are several reasons as to why this could happen. It could be because of the fact that the footwear you are wearing for a particular activity is not suitable for the same. It could happen because of the new shoes you are wearing these days as well. It could also be that you need to get custom made orthotics for yourself but you are not doing that. If you are suffering from chronic knee pain you should get as much foot support as you can.

Tightening of muscles

If the muscles in your hamstrings and thighs become tight that too can lead to knee pain. When these muscles, also referred to as up the line muscles, become tight it is but normal that they would pull on the ligaments and tendons that are attached to the knee joint and the areas surrounding the same. This in turn would lead to pain that would not let up till the time your muscles have become loose enough. This is where you understand the importance of the likes of foam rolling.

Injuries resulting from overuse

If you are an active person then this can be major cause behind any knee injury that you may have as of now. In fact overuse injuries happen to be rather common among people such as yourself. In some cases it may happen pretty soon and in other cases it may happen because you are not paying sufficient attention to give your body the kind of rest that it needs. No matter why it happens you can be sure that such an injury would make your tissues weaker and lead to discomfort and weakening of your knees.

Bad alignment

This is also a major cause in this particular context. You need to see if you are at all letting your knees track properly over your toes. In case your toes move outward or inward of your knee joint it could lead to a lot of pressure being put on your knee ligament. This in turn could lead to pain that is not at all desirable. 


If you understand why these things happen you can be sure you would be able to take proper precautions and avoid them in the days to come.

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