Wireless (without cables), this term refers to the devices that transfers information and power to two different points without any need of an external excitation.

Earbuds are small devices worn inside the ears, used for listening purpose.

Wireless Earbuds belong to the family of headphones.

Characteristic of Earbuds

While selecting ear buds, we must prefer such a set which contain more drivers in it. The more the driver it contain, more it will work effectively. Style and color is must be neglected, audio quality must be the first preference of the user.

Following are the things which the user must kept in his mind while buying them:

Rate of Occurrence

The bass of the speaker depends upon the frequency of the ear buds, if the hertz is low almost (15 Hz-20 kHz), it will produce more bass.

Electric Resistance

Effective resistance is required to emit the hissing sound produced by the speakers when we connect them with our smart phones, laptop, computer etc.


Appropriate drivers are necessary for the enchantment of the sound produced from the speakers. Due to its size, it’s very difficult to build drivers according to the user’s requirement.


If we set a comfortable level of volume, the more they work (longer they work).


Earbuds are very small in size which is the main reason behind their sensitivity. Earbuds need some care to work for a long time, all it depends upon the volume of the speaker.


As we know it is the world of science and all luxuries setups are the invention of science. World moves toward the more affordable and movable things to which user can easily deal. Earbuds are the one of those inventions. Through these tiny hearing device users seems to be satisfied but we know life is the name of change and in upcoming time the new resolution take place in this field of science.

Pros and Cons of Earbuds

Earbuds are very common in market nowadays. This statement is not wrong for Earbuds, “they are in fashion”. As we know these are man made devices and every man made device exists with some advantages and disadvantages. Earbuds became the necessary evil in this fashionable society.

Pros (advantages)

Earbuds are introduced in different styles and colors in market to attract the users.


Earbuds are almost weightless, easy to carry. During travelling we can easily deal with this mini size hearing device.


Due to size, shape and quality these Earbuds varies in price. These differences in price allow the users to afford these devices according to their comfort.

Easy to clean

We can use damp cloth in order to clean our ear buds when the dust or wax of ear start blocking the sound coming out from ear buds.


Earbuds are considered more comfortable than any other gadgets which we use to plug in with our smart phones or any other electronic device. Tiny profile is the main reason behind their comfort-ability. Structure of ear buds makes them different from all other gadgets.

Cons (disadvantages)

Voice Quality

When we compare the hearing quality of Earbuds with the headphones we face some disappointment regarding its audio quality. Varieties of ear buds are introduced to the world depending on their shape, size and style. Due to these dependencies the audio quality which is conduct through these earphones is not as clear as headphones.

Health Issues

Wearing Earbuds cause number of health issues.

It may block our ear canals.
By sharing Earbuds, bacteria spread and cause infection.
Tightly fit Earbuds block the air circulation through ear due to which we suffer from number of health hazards.

Comfort Level

Earbuds are present in limited number of size and shape; sometimes it may happen the size of users ear cup does not match the size or shape of Earbuds, unable to reach its comfortable level.

Sound Isolation

Earbuds are small in size worn in the ears. They lack voice cancelling quality so they are not able to converge once attention towards the playing music, conversation etc.


The quality of Earbuds is not so good the material used in the buds counts it in a low quality stuff due to which they are less durable. User can easily affords it

Base Response

Leakage of sound take place in Earbuds, this fact is responsible for poor base response. User is unable to understand the complete wording of any music, conversation etc. User cannot understand the enrichment of its audio quality.

Battery time

Earbuds are very tiny in its size or shape which is the major drawback. The battery time period is very less so it is difficult for user to use it for long time.

Hearing problem

Earbuds may damage our hearing sight because of its extensive use.

Most Using

1. Panasonic RP-HJE120-K Black
2. Bose SoundSport
3. Mpow Jaws V4.1
4. Tao Tronics
5. 1MORE Triple Driver

Features of Most Using Earbuds

Panasonic RP-HJE120-K Black
Black ultra-soft ErgoFit in-ear earbud.
Eight bright color options with matching earbuds and cords.

Wider frequency response.
Long 3.4ft threads.

Bose SoundSport

Weather and sweat resistant design.
More durability and splash resistance.

Mpow Jaws V4.1

Light in Weight.
Having a built-in noise cancelling quality.
Having a call-in remind function.

Tao Tronics

Having noise isolation technology.
Long battery life.
Having in-line control facility.

1MORE Triple Driver

Having three separate dynamic drivers.
In-line remote control capability.
Designed in such a way that it naturally fits in once ear.


As I talk earlier that every man made devices have some advantages along with some drawbacks. Some people use ear buds for their official work and some people use it for their enjoyment. Now-a-days ear buds are in fashion, disadvantages are taken for-granted. After all this written stuff the suggestion that revealed is to use it as a need but do not make it a need.

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