For engineers like you, who want to pursue higher studies, an degree is definitely the one to think about. It will help you further specialise in the field of engineering you did your bachelors in. The best engineering colleges in Maharashtra and elsewhere offer M.Tech courses in various disciplines.

Completing your M.Tech not only enhances your knowledge in the field but also improves your career prospects. After all, a masters degree opens up many doors in different sectors. It will lead to a high profile job with a good salary. But, which are these sectors? Let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. Industrial

In the industrial sector, you will have employment opportunities in the consulting companies, core engineering companies and IT companies. These companies look to hire M.Tech graduates for their vast knowledge in the domain, which could take companies to the next level and benefit them in the long run.

To boost your chances of getting recruited by a top company, you should look to get more hands-on experience in your domain. Therefore, an internship will help you greatly. It will give you exposure to the work environment and will let you apply your technical skills on multiple projects. Your final year projects/thesis will also prove very useful to improve your resume.

2. Research

A career in research is very enticing for a lot of M.Tech students. It gives them the opportunity to work with one of the various government organisations or institutions, and contribute to the welfare of society. Another advantage of taking up research as your career option is the wealth of practical knowledge you will gain during the course of your time. This experience will definitely help you with your PhD. As you will be working under a professor, you will have the opportunity to contribute substantially to the project, which will open up more opportunities in more prestigious organisations and universities.

3. Teaching

If you believe in imparting the high-level knowledge that you have gained in your domain, which will help in producing better engineers, a career in teaching is for you. Your passion for engineering can help students generate interest in the subject. You can express your knowledge and ideas well by working on your body language and presentation skills. A strong but positive body language will make your students engrossed in your lecture. You can work on these skills by attending various workshops and seminars, which are conducted for upcoming professors.

These are the sectors you can work in after completing your masters from the M tech colleges in Pune or elsewhere. Good luck in finding your ideal sector!

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Symbiosis Institute of Technology, a constituent of Symbiosis International University was established in the year, 2008 and currently offers B. Tech programmes in Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering and M.Tech programmes in Computer Aided Design and Manufacture, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering. Research programmes leading to Ph. D. Degree were introduced in Faculty of Engineering of Symbiosis International University in 2010.