IF you are unable to get enough sleep at night you will feel tired and fatigue throughout the next day. A good night’s sleep is mandatory in order to maintain your mental and physical health. Without enough sleep you are also not able to be productive and active at work. A number of factors affect the sleep quality of a person of which snoring is the most commonly occurring. Snoring can be caused due to a number of factors including obesity, deviated septum, nasal congestions, unhealthy sleep hygiene, chronic allergies, sleeping posture and various other factors.

Depending upon the severity of your snoring problem a number of lifestyle changes can be adopted in order to avoid snoring issues during the night. A huge variety of oral appliances including mouthpieces, tongue pieces, nasal dilators, nasal bands, etc. and natural remedies like essential oils, peppermint, honey, etc. are also available which are immensely helpful in preventing snores during sleep. If the snoring issue still persists then you can get surgical treatment in order to get rid of it and sleep better.

Best essential oils to prevent snoring:

The best essential oils which are extremely helpful in resolving your snoring issues and ensuring that you enjoy a sound and peaceful sleep time are listed below:

  • Olive Oil:

    Olive oil is rich in containing anti-inflammatory components which work very well on the tissues present in our airways and result in reducing snoring problems during sleep. This oil opens up the airways by treating the tissues present in the airways and reduce vibration due to which snoring is produced. All you need to do is take three sips of olive oil before going to sleep each night. You can also honey to it in order to enhance the taste.

  • Essential oil of Eucalyptus:

    Eucalyptus contains decongestant components and it’s extremely affective in opening up the blocked airways due to cold, allergy or any other reason. This oil is also a very helpful remedy for treating colds and flu as it is immensely helpful in opening up blocked airways or nasal passages and help the person to breathe better.

    You can use eucalyptus oil by taking a medium sized bowl of steaming warm water and add 3-5 drops of this oil to it. Then place a dry and clean towel on your head and breathe deeply. You have to stay in this position for 4-6 minutes in order to see amazing results and your snoring issues will be resolved.

  • Essential oil of Peppermint:

    The peppermint oil is abundant in anti-inflammatory proprieties and it’s very helpful in reduction of inflammation of mucous membrane of the throat and nose as a result of which breathing become easier and snoring is reduced during the night. The remedies which include peppermint oil are highly affective for temporary snoring problems caused due to allergies, cold or dryness.

    You can use this oil by adding a few drops of peppermint oil to a glass of water and gargle with this solution on daily basis before going to bed but you must be very careful that you should not swallow this solution. If snoring is being caused due to dry air then you can also use peppermint oil by adding a few drops into the humidifier before going to sleep and run the humidifier throughout the night. This will also prove to be really helpful in opening up the airways and get rid of snoring issues. You can also rub a small amount of peppermint oil on both sides of your bed in order to avoid snoring and sleep well.

  • Essential oil of Thyme:

    Thyme essential oil is considered the best options when it comes to snoring problems during sleep. This oil contains components which are known to be very affective for cuing respiratory diseases in addition to strengthening the immune system and treating muscle and joint pain.

    You can use this amazing oil by mixing it with any carrier oil and apply it to the base of your toes everyday as the spots on the base of our feet are responsible for reflex actions in the neck area of human body. This oil can also be used by mixing it into the diffuser and spreading it around the room. You must diffuse it half hour before going to bed and ensure that the oil is well spread by the time you go to sleep.

How to use essential oils for snoring?

Essential oils are proven to be extremely helpful in getting rid of snores at night due to their amazing natural benefits. The ways in which we can use essential oils in order to avoid snoring during sleep and enhances our sleep quality are listed below:

  • Gargle:

    You can get rid of your snoring issues during sleep and improve your sleep quality simply by gargling for a few minutes before going to bed with a mixture of your preferred essential oil. You will notice that this daily activity will prove to be very helpful and you will notice improvement in your snoring problem within a few days.

  • Diffuse:

    If you are fed up of your snoring problems then an easy solution is to diffuse your essential oil before bed on regular basis and you will see immense improvement within days. You can easily purchase a diffuser from any pharmacy on reasonable prices.

  • Massage:

    Make a blend of your favorite essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice and then rub this mixture on your chest, neck and feet before going to sleep daily in order to avoid snoring. You can also dab this mixture under your nose to get rid of congestions.

  • Hot Steam:

    If the cause of your snoring problems is nasal congestion then the best way to avoid snoring is to inhale hot steam in which a few drops you favorite essential oil are mixed. This method is immensely helpful in preventing snoring problems. You just have to take boiling water, add a few drops of essential oil and inhale for around 5 minutes in order to get amazing results.

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