Lumbar disc herniation is (generally) lower vertebrae of the spine between the structural damage to the washer, where in the washer content of the soft bulges into the spinal canal, causing pain symptoms. People in the mouth trouble passing as sciatica, sciatica but often is called as back problems, which do not provide a clear bulge.

Symptoms: Disc herniation is the most typical symptom of low back pain that radiates to other lower extremity. It may also be associated with lower extremity weakness. Examining the reflexes can be seen walking disorders. Sometimes, rarely, symptoms may include urinary and fecal incontinence, urinary retention, and loss of feeling in the anus area.

Cause: A slipped disc may be caused by the accident in, but more often, however, the background can be found in the washer structural weakness. Leads to structural weakness of the soft washer content to swelling of the spinal channel in a direction to cause compression of the nerve roots and the radiation pains. There is also the theory that the baffle soft interior material would be nerve-irritating to the typical symptoms could become, even in situations where the obvious compression of the root does not occur.

Smokers are known to occur in the intermediate plate bulging more than usual. Background suspected to be caused by smoking, your time decay of degeneration on the disc. The structural vulnerability, therefore, may account for a slipped disc. However, we must remember that in most cases a slipped disc occurs due to a physical movement. Perhaps the most typical is the legs straight lifting of a heavy object. Such while lifting the baffle pressure rises significantly, and the spine bends forward pressure is most easily discharged back of the spinal canal in the direction. Therefore, lifting should always take place with legs, not with the back.

Treatment: The treatment therapy of this disease called conservative. Conservative treatment focus is on the treatment of pain and muscular fitness maintenance. Conservative treatment is the cornerstone of pain medication. Usually used in conventional NSAIDs or acetaminophen. If the power is not sufficient for pain, pain treatment can also be used to enhance centrally acting analgesics. In addition, together with anti-inflammatory drugs are often used muscle relaxants. A number of studies of their use has not been significantly increasing pain in the power of your actual pain medicines compared, but in individual cases, assistance can be significant. Various types of physiotherapy treatments are also often use, Physical therapy can consist of massage and heat treatments. In addition, lumbar traction therapy sometimes helps pain & treat well. Exercises strengthen the back muscles support the spruces and may thus ease the symptoms or even prevent the disease from getting worse.

Pain Treatments familiar with the anesthetist can take care of a slipped disc in specific local anesthetic. Treatment of acute sciatic pain treatment use shall be considered a controversial and prolonged treatment of the symptom of pain assistance is most often temporary, in most cases, at best, a few weeks.

If conservative treatment does not respond well enough, it is necessary to consider the operative treatment. Approached the defective section of pelvis from behind. The bulge is carefully removed, and in most cases it inter vertebral from which the spacer material has leaked, discharged smoothly the intermediate plate material. This is to prevent the recurrence of the bulge. Long-term results slipped disc treatment are much the same, treated the problem then cutting or conservatively. It is, however, statistical information, which is not much help in determining an individual patient's care.

Symptom of pain is prolonged for more than three months early for anti-inflammatory drugs, acetaminophen, and mild centrally-acting analgesics are often no longer sufficient to treat pain. In this case, more power to control the pain and to restore the night's sleep is often sought for use in the treatment of neurogenic pain products such as depression, as well as previously used in the treatment of epilepsy products, such as gabapentin. Pain care doctor specializing in general the amount of the above medications.

Tracking: In the active phase of the bulge in the washer needs to be monitored. If the symptoms are very severe, your doctor may need to visit more than once. After calming down further ado controls has not been used to organize.

The heritability In fact, the bulge is actually inherited, but the tissue properties of the family go yes, and then the washer structural weakness may be inherited.

Prevalence: Up to 25 per cent of 40-50 year old can be found in the lumbar spine MRI scans a slipped disc, the majority of which has been and is a study currently asymptomatic, over time, to calm down by itself without surgery. If the symptoms are severe pain or symptoms clearly feel get worse, surgery is often necessary to consider the jacket. In difficult situations, can stay Even permanent neurological symptoms, you should visit some point in your doctor's office under investigation.

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