Shrink bands are a pre-cut piece of PVC pipe designed to be applied to a container and then shrunk by the application of heat. They come in a variety of products that we use on a daily basis like toothpastes, hairspray, droppers (for the eyes), and many other things that we take for granted. This small piece of plastic often goes unnoticed, but if it were missing we would feel less confident about our products. Shrink bands indicate that a product is "new", unworn and hygienic. So know that we know what they are, how they are made and what the different varieties are.

Shrink bands come in different sizes from full body seals (covering a container from top to bottom) and are used if the container is smooth and has the same dimension as the closure (lips, lid, etc.) - think about Chapstick.
Shrink belts are made of roll material, a shrink roll material (typically 500 meters in length) that is used in an automatic machine. Roll material machines feed the roll material, position the container to be sealed, cut the correct length from the roll, and place the container in a heat tunnel. The heat tunnel does the rest.

They come in two different varieties: seamless and perforated. Seamless, as the name suggests, are shrink banners that are cut and extruded (seamlessly) into PVC roll. While on the other hand, perforated retractable bands are retractable bands that have a series of small holes formed to make the band easier to remove. This is usually done with a technique called horizontal drilling.

It is very common to find many products these days, from cosmetic appliances and toys to items that are sold in bulk, such as gum. If they were not packaged this way, many food products would go bad sooner and many items would be damaged during shipping and would have to be returned to the manufacturer before hitting the shelves. That would hurt consumers who want or need a product, as well as manufacturers who can no longer sell as efficiently.

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On the other hand, L-bar sealers or shrink wraps are effective for medium to high wrap volume with shrink film.