You have probably seen or will see a patient with complaints about the difficulties of following a diet plan separate from the rest of the family. Especially for women and men who normally cook for their children and spouses, it is really more difficult to stay focused when preparing a differentiated food from the other members of the household, isn't it? For this reason, family nutrition has become increasingly popular.

Are you curious to know more about this topic? Keep following the post and check out what family nutrition is and how you can start offering this service to your patients and also give complete kid’s nutritionist course as a service in institute. Good reading!

What is family nutrition?

Family nutrition is a way of organizing the food routine of all members of the household, after a complete analysis of the habits and structure of each member's meals. The consultation can be done collectively or separately.

It is important to emphasize that each person is different from the other, in several aspects: personal, professional and social. Besides, of course, they have a different metabolism. Therefore, although made for the whole family, the family plan respects the needs - such as foods and supplements that are most often lacking or dietary restrictions - and the availability of each member.

The nutritionist's focus is to involve the whole family in food planning so that everyone benefits from the new food routine in the home. This is also a way of encouraging children to eat in a more appropriate and healthy way, since the example of parents is essential at this stage of life.

How to start acting in this area?

After the development of a nutritional assessment of the family group and the analysis of individual needs, it is time to propose a new menu - one that not only matches the preferences of the members, but is also practical for the functionalities of the home. Proposing new eating paths can be quite successful in this area, as it helps patients to vary the menu and, as a consequence, have a better chance of staying motivated.

For this, you can offer items such as a shopping list and a family menu. Each meal will be thought of uniquely. If one or more family members have lunch outside, for example, they can start taking a lunch box to work instead of eating on the street. The exercise schedule can also be flexible, considering the availability of each one.

In order to make this task even more efficient, there are software that assist in the creation of food spreadsheets and, also, allow communication with your patients whenever necessary. Thus, it will be easier to retain the people you serve, always giving the necessary attention so that they can clear up any doubts.

Now that you understand better than family nutrition and how to act in this area, what do you think about starting to offer this service to your patients and involving the whole family in the search for a healthier life?

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