We all know that our muscles are there, but unless you are heavy into weightlifting you probably don’t give them a second thought until they become sore for one reason or another. These hidden components to our body, however, carry the keys to our health and well-being. They not only make us physically strongly over time, they can also effectively improve our immune system and energy levels as well. Muscle testing, commonly referred to as kinesiology, has emerged as a popular hands-on way of gauging our ability to use our muscles to improve our posture and further stimulate our body’s ability to heal properly. The following four areas are most commonly utilized when engaging in muscle testing.

Speed Up Recovery

When it comes to any injury or illness, our body needs time to heal. This is why the doctor always informs us to get some rest when we come down with something as seemingly minor as the common cold. The stronger we are on the inside, however, the better our ability to overcome any accident or injury is bound to be. This is not simply about mind over matter. It is about muscles that have the capacity to pump the blood necessary to give our body the oxygen and fuel it needs to thrive. Muscle testing will help us determine how far we are along that path and provide insight about what we can be doing to better speed our recovery.

Minimize Risk of Future Health Problems

It is equally important to train our bodies to minimize the risk of future health problems. This can be facilitated through the process of muscle testing as we are taught about the importance of movement, performance, and function of our muscles in the scope of rehabilitation, prevention, and management of diseases that affect the human body. The science of kinesiology involves the teaching of how to use our muscles appropriately as we engage in fitness exercises, recreation, work, and other activities that we perform as a daily function of life. When our muscles are used effectively, the result is a body that is more attuned to its environment and able to age appropriately.

Energy Healing

Muscle development helps us to increase energy levels and counteract the fatigue that impacts everyday life. There are tests that can be performed that assist physicians in better understanding how well each organ system in the body is able to communicate with the brain. This is where our healing energy comes from, and it gives us the strength to perform our daily tasks in a way that produces the least amount of strain on the body.

Reduce Incidences of Pain

The human body goes through a lot of wear and tear over the course of its lifespan. This results in many people encountering severe pain as they age, but others are able to remain relatively pain free. The key to falling into the latter group is to engage in muscle testing as a way to determine how to best provide nutrients and participate in the right exercise regime to help reduce the overall incidences of pain.

In short, muscle testing is a way of better understanding our body. Everyday, your body is trying to communicate us yet we fail to listen. Muscle testing is a way to not only listen to what our body is trying to say, but to finally be able to act upon key principles of life that will impact our overall health in a positive way. This will lead to more energy and a reduced incidence of pain, disease, and illness. If you have not considered muscle testing before, now is the time to check into the possibility and engage yourself in the power that comes from knowing how to make better use of your muscles.

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