It was seen on the roads across Pakistan that thought provoking rallies came out to support women rights, restorative justice, and economic justice, against harassment, in the favor of favorable work laws, implementation of labor laws, security for the housewife, recognition of women’s participation in production of food and cash crops, access to fair justice system, reproductive justice, access to public spaces, and inclusion in educational institutions etc. Some sights are captured with women taking banners in hands with the writing ‘apni roti khud bana lo’; ‘dupata khud orrh lo’; ‘apna bistar khud garam karo’ and many more. They stood for the serious goals to achieve but with the shoddy slogans that need a point to ponder. Being Muslim, Pakistani women must recognize the essence of women rights. The real rights which must be dispensed to women mentioned above on smooth terms. Real feminism according to our cultural values demands something other than the western feminism demands. The fact must not be forgotten here that in the history of women oppression Islam is the religion that came for the savior of women and assured her the rights in social, political and in economic realms. These are: Freedom to work, Freedom to have education, Inalienable rights in inheritance, social security, Repudiation of patriarchy, Security against harassment, Defense from Honor killing , Acceptance of women intelligence, No discrimination and many more.
The great Pakistani women have a role and responsibility towards the progress of Pakistan. The modern day women’s rights movement in Pakistan has its roots in 1981. It was started against Gen Ziaul Haq’s anti-women and anti-minority laws. The Women Action forum was established to add more awareness, vocalization and mobilization for women rights. Those handful of women who stake their lives and put themselves on the front lines in the battle for change for women, and suffer the consequences for such agitation. Nevertheless, many pro-women laws have been passed over the years, including the Women’s Protection Act in 2006, which reversed some draconian clauses of the 1979 Hudood Ordinances and brought rape under the Pakistan Penal Code.
The modern technology at one hand has ease the way of women toward achieving her dreams and at the other added the new flux of challenges on her way that include stalking, gender-based bullying and sexual harassment. Government has taken the right steps under the banner of cyber security.
Pakistani women have come a long way to protect her rights yet much is there to be addressed. We need to alter the course of the young generation in the right direction. We have to train them that rights do not lie in disobedience of your father or husband but to train them against entrenched misogyny.
A large number of women are also helping real feminism to be suppressed in Pakistan. In villages the male child privilege is very common. The mothers of male children feel proud of giving birth to male. Such kind of behavior will never let feminism prevail in Pakistan until it is corrected.

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