What is the difference between panic and anxiety attacks? Actually, these two disorders only have very thin line in between. These terms are used interchangeably by most people and even experts. Even in the medical world, the two has small variations as well. However, little as the differences may be, in anxiety attack versus panic attack, I would willingly choose the former.

You might be wondering why anxiety attacks are far better than panic episodes. Simply because the former is milder than the latter. It is milder basically because manifestations are far endurable as compared to panic attacks. Studies also show that a person tend to think better and broadens his perspective when in mild anxiety.

There is a medical explanation how mild anxiety can do good to a person. The body prepares itself to either fight or flight the moment it is activated by the sympathetic nervous system as result of the mild anxiety a person has. Once this response is activated, the heart beats faster, the pupils dilate and the blood increases its supply in the vital organs.

The individual becomes more mindful then after these responses and changes occur in the body. This kind of alertness makes you move faster in any situation as it helps you think better. However, if your anxiety level rises up, you will then become less competent of managing the things around you. You will have gastric upsets, lack or appetite and difficulties in sleeping. All those things can surely slow you down.

There are numerous causes for panic attacks and some of those are genetics, your very own personality, your environment or medication. Unfortunately, the disorder was already proven to be transferable from one generation to other. Furthermore, you are at risk of developing the disorder in case you find it difficult to express your emotions especially the negative ones.

Consequently, there are also several treatment regimens for this disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapy is yet the most effective. This therapy will help you identify the past issues and problems you have in your life that might somewhat affect your living today and you will be aided by a therapist. This is very effective for it is one way for you to kill the root cause of the disorder.

Anxiety attack versus panic attack? There are little differences between the two. Yet, whatever your disorder may be, it is very significant that you learn how to control it so that it won't worsen the problem.

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