For any land development, the survey is a critical phase that gives you detailed information about your property. With a title re-establishment survey, you can get:

• Property Boundaries as per your Title Certificate
• Any encroachments
• Possible limitations imposed on your property
• Identify any troubles and issues during land development

This information is crucial to understand your property and plan the development accordingly.

But before taking a re-establishment survey in Melbourne, you must know the basic knowledge about it.

What is Title Re-establishment Survey?

A re-establishment survey is planned to redefine your property boundaries. The re-establishment is done based on your certificate of title. Re-establishment is also essential to find your legit property before any sort of land development. Further, it also helps to find the right owner of a property, based on the certificate of title. You can consult with one of the best land surveyors Melbourne and know detailed information about your land.

Now, what are the conditions when a re-establishment survey is essential?

There are numerous reasons, but four prominent reasons are there that demands a re-establishment survey.

• For subdivisions
• For construction works
• To lock your area with a boundary
• To find the right owner
• Before buying a property

The re-establishment survey of the property is essential for subdivisions to omit any anomalies related to the property's right owner. Moreover, when planning any building works at your land, it's also important to take this land-survey and know the eligible area for construction. Accordingly, you can plan home architecture and start your construction process.

Furthermore, a re-establishment survey is also essential when planning to cover your area with a boundary fence. To avoid future disputes, you must know the boundary and cover it with proper fencing.

Most importantly, the land survey is beneficial to find the right owner of the land. A survey is highly recommended to omit family disputes and allocate the land to its owner. Above all, if you are planning to invest in real estate, you must acknowledge the complete details about that property. The re-establishment survey will help you find detailed information about the property and provide you clearance about the next step.

Now comes the essential task of re-establishment i.e., how the entire process works.

For re-establishment, you should hire a land survey professional within your locality. Prefer a local professional who can give you maximum possible information. With your legal surveyor, you can start checking the land details along with land regulations. However, when working with a land surveyor, you should not mistake him/her as a building surveyor. After getting detailed land properties, you can start the process to omit any anomaly.

Many of you think that land survey, as well as land planning, is a short term process. However, it takes enough time for execution. Hence you should be prepared with significant time and plan your land development accordingly.

So, what more do you want to know about the title re-establishment survey? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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