Music changes emotions. But any song or melody is not worth it: it depends on the problem you face, that is at least what is deduced from the results of several recent studies.

The power of music is well known in many areas, such as cinema, for example; However, in the world of work we have had to wait a little longer to discover the success of the pairing between efficiency and music. One of the first investigations in this area was carried out in 1972. In that year it was shown that listening to a pleasant topic while performing tasks improves productivity, especially when there is machine noise.

One of the latest studies has been released this year. It has been directed by Dr. David Lewis, president of the Mindlab company. Lewis subjected various volunteers to situations of tension with several background melodies, and valued their level of response. He concluded that listening to music reduces stress by up to 65%. Interestingly, Weightless, by Marconi Union, takes the cake among all the relaxing songs that were used in the experiment.

Two years earlier, Lewis, in collaboration with MusicWorks, investigated the best music genre to solve specific problems in the professional field. And he came to the following conclusion: if you listen to suitable music, you are 81% faster and 88% more effective in your work. The researcher asked 26 participants to solve a series of tasks on a computer for five days in a row while listening to different topics or when there was no sound. This is what he discovered:

If you have to work with numbers or pay attention to details, the best is classical music. The successes of the participants increased by 12% with respect to whether they performed those tasks without any sound. Classical music was also the second most valued type of music for spelling correction.

If your job is to enter data or make quick spelling corrections, the most effective music is pop. This sound encourages when speed is required. Similarly, dance music drives these kinds of tasks. The effectiveness, according to the study, increases with respect to doing so without background sound. Presumably, if a monotonous work is done, a music that elevates the mood helps not be distracted and make it more bearable.

If you have to solve equations, the best music is the ambient one. Here are included those melodies that we hear in elevators or airports, which go unnoticed, but which reassure. An example: the songs composed by Brian Eno.

If you have to correct or solve problems, dance music is your thing . This genre helped participants in the study to increase accuracy in spelling exercises, math equations and reading speed up to 20%. Not bad.

In this investigation other tasks were not included, such as attending a meeting infernal, launched to ask for a raise or make public presentations. But it is still a first step.

In short, Download MP3 music Download MP3 music helps to transform emotions, to feel more effective and even more relaxed. There are genres that help more than others, but since everyone does not like the same thing, it is best to create a personalized music list for the tasks you have to do or to listen depending on your mood. Get some good headphones and, if you can, let your brain dance with the melody while you focus on what you want to get ahead. And by the way, if you see the one in front with his helmets and dancing, don't judge him. Maybe it's what your neurons need to be more effective.

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