Recently, many people have been feeling the pain of social media. By pain, I mean losing many freedoms that come with having a social network profile.

Take for example the average social media website, sign up, create a profile, add some friends (people you may or may not know), and then connect to this great community (schools, cities, sometimes all net) .

This information is registered on most social media websites, thanks to web crawlers, advertisers, and many other spammers. Your own social being is threatened, and your privacy is also threatened. Can you escape the reach of a social network after leaving it? In most cases, it is more difficult than you think.

Not to mention the flaws of identity theft on social media, theft of images and all kinds of other serious flaws with social media.

I've also had a less than pleasant experience on social media involving people stalking me, and deleting an account that was never actually removed, too, the constant influx of seriously disturbing messages and random alarms from people letting you down. they matter less.

I have been personally involved with various social networking sites, as a user, and I have to admit that most of them are less than normal.

What should social media be? I have worked to try to discover a system that would be an optimal social media system, and it is quite far from the current spectrum of social media.

Social networks: in the past they have always been created by developers. You were forced into a group, that may not be in your best interests, or you were placed in a network that was not something you wanted to be a part of.

I mean, do you really care if you can chat with a million people that you'll never be involved with? I do not think so.

What should they have been? A complete user-defined network, where the person creates / joins a network of their friends / acquaintances, and their friends will invite their friends, and would grow from there, so they would mainly be talking / communicating with 'trusted' people who are friends of friends or people who have a relationship with you through friends.

Meeting random people off the Internet is not what a lot of people are about, and if people are looking to do that, then there are thousands of other sites where you can do exactly that.

Preferences: Most current dating / networking sites leave without much security. They allow your profile to be visible for bot bots to record (they record everything about you for search / advertising purposes) they are logged by advertisers, logged by spammers, and in many cases: they direct spam directly through your profile. This is not good. Having to worry about the possibility of receiving spam and threatening your privacy. This was not what I signed up for when I signed up for social media.

We are talking about your life and the security of your profile and everything that has to do with the profile must be completely for you. You shouldn't be told what you can / can't share, what you can / can't add, and it should be as completely open or closed as you want it to be. For more visit here

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We are talking about your life and the security of your profile and everything that has to do with the profile must be completely for you.