Sometimes you can’t prevent an accident from happening. One way or another some item breaks in the process of moving and you can rarely do anything about it. Sometimes you break your own things and in some worse cases you break another’s belongings which would make you feel two times as guilty. The reasons are as frequent as they are annoying-your own lack of care, hurrying too much, being too tired. The only thing you can try to do in the end is to avoid breaking something else. Of course in some occasions your stuff gets broken in the hands of professional Melbourne Movers but you will be compensated for it. Even the heaviest and most resilient belongings can break on the road. A crash may occur. You might have arranged the items inside the truck the wrong way and some heavier item might have crushed a lighter one. Such things unfortunately happen. Quite possibly your mood will darken as well. The truth is that not all hope is lost and that you shouldn’t despair. This article will give you tips on what to do if the disaster strikes and on how to prevent such thing from happen.


Usually there is only one thing that can cause your belongings to break on the road and that is if you have placed your furniture, devices and every other item in the transportation vehicle the wrong way. Essential rules you need to follow include for instance placing the heavy stuff below and on top of them placing the lighter ones. Also you have to secure all the heavy items and force them to stand firmly on place through ropes. If anything heavy goes unstable around your other stuff while the vehicle is moving you can be sure that not just one thing will get trashed.


Do not stop if an accident occurs while on the road. You can’t fix it while you are on the highway. Just finish the journey and try to be more careful for the rest of the road. You will have plenty of time to attend to the broken items and try to repair them when you move to a new home.


Large, heavy things are difficult to carry through front doors and long stairs so you need to be extra-careful while doing those things because about eighty percent of all damages happen before the actual transportation. Then, after you have loaded all of your belongings in the vehicle you have to drive to your new home in an extra careful manner. A single unbalanced taking of the curve may throw your items out of balance.


Usually, things don’t get broken in pieces and the damages are rarely impossible to repair. A lot of furniture or devices can get heavily scratched and after the move they might look ugly and old. In order to protect the surface of your furniture and devices you have to cover them thoroughly with a sort of a synthetic. It is by far a better matter than bubble wrap and packing paper.


You must never allow two things to happen in the process of your relocation. First, you must always secure everything. You have to make sure that everything will stand still in the vehicle and that nothing will be able to hit something else and deal damage to it. And second, you must never allow small children to carry a box or help you. They will break something and even worse-they might hurt themselves.

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Adler Conway is a journalist and former social worker who is specializing in teen behavioral health. He believes that, in our digital age, it's time for parents and educators to make sure parents and students alike are educated about technology and social media use.