We all know that death is inevitable. But once it arrives and takes away a person you love, only then you’ll realize how devastating it is to know you won’t be able to spend the rest of your days with that person again. But what if it is a loved one or a friend within your circle who is grieving — and you can’t physically be there for them to give them a warm hug? From sending out meaningful Memorial ornaments to offering practical help from afar, here are eight ways you can show your sympathy.

Be genuine when reaching out to them. There are different ways people can grieve, but one way to know how they’re feeling or doing is by directly reaching out to them. However, be careful when you're communicating with them — especially when you aren’t physically there to express your sympathy. Let them open up and lend them a listening ear.

Help plan a memorial. Now that we’re living in a time of a pandemic, online memorials are actually now part of the new normal. So even if you’re away, you can still join — or better yet, help hold — an online funeral for the deceased.

Share happy memories in honor of the deceased. Grieving for the loss of a loved one is a despondent time, but there is a certain kind of warmth that can be felt whenever happy memories about the deceased are relived and shared. So even if you can’t give the bereaved a hug, you can give them a consolation of sorts by letting them know how the deceased touched their lives.

Send memories ornaments. And speaking of reliving happy memories, you can also pay tribute to the life of the deceased through sympathy gifts. You can also customize these ornaments — may these be a wind chime or a keepsake box — and add a sweet message to help comfort the grieving.

Carefully ask what they need. Take note that people who are grieving are emotionally sensitive. When you ask them if there is a way you can help even from afar, be prepared if they would say responses like "Nothing" of "I don’t know." The important thing is to never give up on them. Because the least thing they’d want to feel is that they have no one to rely on during these challenging times.

Offer practical assistance even from afar. Apart from sending out memorial ornaments, you can also offer practical help even from afar. For instance, you can order food or groceries online and have them delivered to the bereaved’s home. If they permit, you can assist with their insurance needs.

Check up on them regularly. Grief has no specific timeline. This is why it’s important to check up on people who have lost a loved one every now and then. Again, be sincere when communicating with them. And if there’s anything they need, offer any assistance that you can give to them.

Seek professional help. If your grieving loved one or friend finds it difficult to accept or cope with the loss of someone dear to them, it might be high time to call for professional help. Counseling and therapy sessions are designed to help grieving people acknowledge and navigate through their feelings.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.