What To Do When Your Husband Wants To Separate: Tips For Staying Calm When Your Husband Is Asking For A Separation Or Divorce

I remember one night, after a bad fight, sitting in an old neighborhood bar and telling my best friend "my marriage is falling apart. What the hell do I do?" He sort of laughed at me, shook his head and asked me "are you serious". I didn't understand his confusion, it seemed pretty straightforward to me. Then he said something that made so much sense it was almost silly...

He said "What the heck are you doing sitting in a bar with me then. Do you think that's going to make your marriage any better?" After that, telling him my marriage is falling apart seemed sort of silly.

You see sometimes we look for the answers to our marriage problems in the most stupid places. Asking my best friend, who had never been married what I should do about my marriage wasn't going to get me anywhere. I guess what I was looking for from him was compassion and someone to point fingers with. What I got was a duh moment.

I left the bar that night, and went home. Of course things weren't miraculously better because I left the bar a little earlier that night. Things were still the same when I got home, my wife was still as tired of me as she was when I left the house. I was actually just as tired of seeing her as well. But what had changed was that I walked in the door determined to figure out a way to answer the question of why my marriage is falling apart.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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I asked advice in a lot of different places over the next few days. I read a lot of stuff, some terrible and some outstanding. I'll tell more about that in a minute.

I asked people that I knew who had good marriages why their marriages worked, what their "secret" was. I asked others who had terrible marriages and divorced (like my parents for instance) why their marriage failed.

I even got a little sneaky and started asking my wife questions.

The most important thing I did was take serious stock in my life, took responsibly, admitted that my marriage is falling apart, and instead of blaming my wife decided that it was up to me to change things.

From the outstanding things I read, I started to take some very serious action steps and my marriage began to improve little by little, and soon after a snowball effect took place and my marriage saw some very dramatic improvements.

I was able to eventually to go from saying "my marriage is falling apart" to "my marriage is finally what it's supposed to look like...I'm happy!"

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The first thing is that you must keep communicating and that means you must keep the channels of communication open. This will help you work out the problems in the marriage. You will have to tell your partner about your changing needs. You will need to involve your partner in the decision methods. You must talk about the risks and rewards and you can also do tradeoffs, when there is a need.

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The second thing is that you must keep your partners' needs in mind at all times. There should be fairness and work towards a common goal. You have to make your partner feel that you appreciate them. Your partner must feel that you are at the same level.

Finally stopping your divorce and saving your marriage for the long term depends on the efforts of both partners. You must both be willing to work as a team. To make your relationship a success, both of you should put in the time. You will also need to start putting in some quality time together with your partner. You have to nurture the relationship and always keep working on it.

You stopping your divorce depends on how much you are willing to make on the marriage work. The difference between a marriage that works well and those that don't is the amount of tender loving care that is put into it by both sides.

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Many couples are in a bad way when it comes to their marriage and it's important to exhaust all options before even considering getting a divorce. One of the more popular of these options is undergoing marriage counseling. This method of getting your marriage back on track has proved useful for many couples through out history and could do wonders for you and your significant other if you just give it a chance.

Marriage counseling doesn't work for everyone, but it does work for many who really give it a chance. If you go in with any open mind then you will truly be surprised as the results you can get simply by sitting down next to your partner and sorting out what exactly is wrong in your relationship. The power of communication is a powerful tool in keeping a relationship healthy but when you also have a professional therapist facilitating it can be even more effective.

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Many couples feel uncomfortable sharing the most intimate and private details of their lives with a complete stranger, but if you choose the right person to open up to, then it shouldn't be that difficult. Over time you will realize that you are doing this to put your marriage back together and an initial feeling of awkwardness will be well worth it. Besides, these therapists are used to hearing anything you might have to say so nothing you say will be judged or criticized. If you give marriage counseling a real chance then I think you'll find it can help you in ways you never even dreamed. It's not just about putting a marriage back together, it's also about making it as good as it can possibly be.

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Often as women, we walk into marriage starry-eyed with big expectations for our marriage relationship.

We feel that we are on top of the world and that our husbands will protect us from every calamity, hurt, and pain.

We think that we will always feel close to our husbands and that we can be ourselves and do what we want to do, despite the adjustments we need to make in the marriage relationship.

In most cases, we spent time as single women with the mentality that we can do want we want and when we want without a care in the world.

But what happens when our super-hero husband seems to mess up our agenda to be ourselves?

What happens when we don't agree with the way he makes decisions for the marriage relationship?

Do we give in and go along with our husbands or do we try to fight the never-ending battles on sex, money, and parenting, hoping to win?

These dilemmas and struggles we have in marriage with our husbands boil down to two words: "Power Struggle."

As a woman, you have a hidden power that can allow you to get what you want from your husband. But to recognize and use this power correctly, the key is to exercise humility. And along with that humility comes the ever popular word known as, "Submission."

This is where the power struggle in marriage comes in.

Most women, including myself, don't enjoy submitting. And when we consciously make the decision not to listen to our husbands it shows disrespect toward him. And sadly respect, (in addition to food, sex, and peace) are the main things that will keep your husband happy.

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As wives, we often look at submission as being a doormat and a pushover. Now, when I say it's important to submit, I don't mean to submit when your husband is telling you to do something wrong or that will be hurtful or abusive to your or your children. If a choice must be made in that case, I suggest you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

But it's not. Submission means humbling yourself to support and work along with your husband for the greater good of the marriage.

In addition, submission does not mean that you agree with everything your husband says, but you're focusing on God's agenda because you trust that God is leading your husband to make the right decisions.

And sometimes your husband will mess up. But if you follow his lead, (even when you knew you were right), he will be held accountable to God. And because you submitted to your husband, God will honor your willingness to submit.

While submission can be difficult and downright frustrating, it demonstrates the power you possess.

Remember Eve? She had enough power over her husband to cause him to sin.

Just like Eve, you have the power to influence your husband. And when you choose to submit to your husband, God will open a door for you to encourage and influence him for great things.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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