If you child is interesting in swimming, swimming lessons is a great way to teach them. Swimming is a great skill to have. Firstly so they can be safe in many different situations, it’s also a great form of exercise for people of all ages.

If your child is interested in swimming lessons in the Toronto, Canada area, the experts at Felix Swim Schools would love to help your child learn. Keep reading as they talk about what to expect at swimming lessons.

It’s important to note that your child can be introduced to water even before they start to swim. This means at the age of two years old, or even younger, your child can begin swimming lessons. At the age it is important that you as the parent is available so you can join them in the water.

One of the benefits of starting young is that they do not develop a fear of the water. The longer people wait to learn, the more likely they are to begin getting scared of swimming and fear the unknown.

At the very beginning of swim lessons, we will simply be introducing your child to the water. This means the lessons are structured, however are flexible according to how your child is feeling. There are two different types of lessons available. This will be your choice. There are group classes where there are other children in the class. There are also private lessons where it is simply your child, yourself, and the teacher. This allows your child to get more individually coaching and instructions. Private lessons also lets your child move at their own pace, especially if they have any fears. Private lessons are also great is your child is more advanced and wants to move faster than other children.

Many children feed off other other children and this helps them to become a better swimmer. If your child is like this, they may be better with group lessons.

We encourage parents to get their children into swimming lessons during the fall and the spring so they can enjoy the summer swimming. Like many things in life, swimming lessons are not a fad. You cannot start swimming lessons for a couple weeks and then think you have perfected it and stop. Swimming lessons are a process and something you want to put time and energy into. It’s important to continue practicing what is learned in the lessons.

Prior to the first lesson, it’s important to let you child feel safe and confident. You can talk to them about the benefits of swimming and why it’s a good idea. You also can talk to them about what to expect during their first lesson.

Children respond well when they see what their parent is doing. Show them how the water is not scary by going under and holding their breath. This is a great time to lead by example. By participating in each exercise you are encouraging them to do the same.

During the first lesson it will depend how old they are, what their level is, if they have ever been in a pool before, and what swimming school you are bringing them to. The instructor will start out by talking about the swimming lessons and what to expect. Prior to entering the water the childrenw ill most likely put on a life jacket or have something on their body to allow them to float. This will help them never feel like they can drown and really just ease into the process.

If you have a young child that is learning on to swim, make sure you brought a swimming diaper for them and have it on prior to entering the pool. Sometimes children can get cold in a cool, partly because they are nervous. For this reasonm, make sure you have a dry towel they can dry off with after the lesson is over. It’s also good to have a spare change of clothes.

The instructor will go over different movements the child can make in the water. If you have a young child, you will be working with them and doing the movements for them. Also, if you have a young child, you will be starting with them on their back in the water. Many times, children love this part and this allows them to first start loving the water.

Swimming is a great skill for your child to learn. If you are interested in learning more about swimming lessons for your child and you live in the Toronto area, contact us today.

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