You have carefully planned your move and hired the cheap long distance movers from a reliable moving platform like Moversfolder to handle everything for you. Now that the moving day has arrived, you are not sure what exactly your role is and what should you expect from the professional movers? Should you actively participate or sit back and relax and let the movers handle everything? Check out what services can you expect from the long-distance movers on moving day.

Best long distance movers always show up on time: Professional movers will always let you know in advance when the moving crew will show up at your home. Once they arrive, there will be a driver who is often the supervisor of the moving crew who will introduce himself and the crew and will hand over all the documents which need to be signed. Moving supervisor is also your go-to person for any questions or concerns.

They Prepare inventory: Best long distance movers conduct a walkthrough of your home and prepare a written inventory of your goods along with assessing each item's condition and assigning it a number for the inventory. Make sure that you agree with the assessment, and that nothing is listed incorrectly on the inventory. The main purpose of this inventory is to document every item and their condition so that everything arrives at your destination in the condition in which they started. This will ensure that nothing is misplaced and damage claims can be made if required.

Packing simplified: If you have hired full-service movers, then your moving crew will bring in the moving supplies and begin systematically packing your belongings. Moving professionals will pack all your belongings by securely packing and protecting the items in various boxes of different sizes. They take special care to delicately handle and wrap valuable items and efficiently finish packing all your belongings with speed and by labeling boxes appropriately.

Heavy and bulky furniture or heirloom which needs disassembly are also done efficiently and each part is carefully padded, wrapped and labeled so that they can be restored properly at your new home.

Loading of Moving truck: After packing all the boxes and wrapping and padding every piece of furniture, these items are taken from your home to the moving truck. Professional movers are skilled and use a precise technique to load the truck from floor to roof to prevent shifting of the load during transit. So don't be alarmed if your items appear to be mixed up while on the truck because upon reaching your new home you will direct the movers exactly where you want each piece placed.

Bill of Lading: Once all of your belongings are loaded and secured to the moving truck, the driver presents you the bill of lading. This document lays out all the conditions of your move which were previously agreed in the moving company quotes, including your price and the expected delivery dates. Make sure that you read everything carefully and once you're satisfied with everything on this sheet before signing it because it means you're releasing the goods to the mover.

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