The development of technology has brought various changes and ease in various aspects of human life. One of them is telehealth. Telehealth is a technology-based health service that allows one to get a variety of health services without having to come to the hospital. Under certain conditions, a person can request legal health care providers to notify them of various matters relating to medical treatment.

The advantages of telehealth

The parties involved in telehealth care (patients and health care providers) both get various benefits. One of the advantages felt by both parties is the absence of distance and time constraints. Telehealth can be done with any communication media (especially internet-based). In real-time, patients can receive several health services anytime and anywhere.

For patients with high activity or under certain conditions, the wait time is something that is very annoying. The large number of patients often causes a person to be reluctant to visit a doctor or experience fatigue caused by a long wait time. In addition, patients will also not incur additional costs such as transport costs. Telehealth users in the United States also state that telehealth is able to make them more open to certain types of diseases that have been regarded as "embarrassing" diseases such as HIV or other sexual disorders. Remote communication is proven to increase one's confidence and make them more open to health care providers; something that has been "taboo" according to them.

Besides patients, providers also get various benefits through this service. Health care providers that use telehealth services claim that their service coverage is getting wider. Most providers claim to get more patients from this service. This service also increases their competitiveness towards other providers who have not used telehealth. This also makes it easier for them to diagnose a patient's disease. Data for each patient will be stored in the cloud and integrated with a special inspection application. The providers can provide faster diagnoses without reducing the accuracy of the diagnosis.

The facts

There are some interesting facts that you should know about telehealth. First, this service is equipped with a system that can diagnose patient diseases automatically. Second, this system is also supported by predictive analytics which can help the providers to provide the types of treatment needed by patients. Third, patients can use drug delivery services from pharmacies to their homes. Fourth, under certain conditions, patients can receive medical assistance directly from the nearest providers. Fifth, providers can guide patients or people around patients to perform several medical actions through teleconference. Finally, patients can compare the accuracy of diagnoses and service providers without having to go from one provider to another.

The only obstacle faced by both patient and provider is the availability of Bluetooth peripherals. More than half of the users of this service do not yet have these devices, allowing diagnosis and treatment errors. Some parties are also concerned about the abuse of this service to obtain certain types of drugs and possible abuse of these drugs. However, there are 65% of hospitals in America offer this service to their patients and the level of patient acceptance of this service is fairly good.

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