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Hi, Friends!

Have you ever heard someone say that you are such a fascinating girl? If so, have you ever wondered what you did to get this compliment? And if not, you desire this because you clicked on this post, eh?! (wink, wink*)

In this post, I will share 5 fascinating ladies from our past. So, you can see which one you are most like.

*Disclaimer: Knowing similarities in personalities and achievements of these fascinating girls are awesome and could be helpful. Especially, if you are already a believer in Christ. Also, always do further research.*

Sound awesome ladies? Okay, let’s start!

1. Abigail

First of all, lets begin with King David’s 3rd wife Abigail. Her strengths include but are not limited to; persuasive speech, sensibility, and a capable attitude.

She had the ability to see the bigger picture. Better known as the ability to look beyond present circumstances. She also knew when to use the art of persuasion and when to be quiet. This makes her an effective counselor with men.

She was so fascinating that she captured the attention of a king. One who married her because of her abilities. Are you as fascinating as Abigail?

2. Queen Esther

Next, this fascinating lady won the heart of King Xerxes. Via her extreme beauty and strong character. Her strengths include but are not limited to; unmatched outer beauty, courage, and empathy.

Despite winning a king’s heart because of her beauty-her focus was not vanity. She had the courage to face certain death because of her love for the safety her people. She also chose to serve Our Creator at the risk of losing her security. Cool huh? Now, are you as fascinating as Queen Esther?

3. Deborah

Additionally, Deborah was an outstanding woman in history. She was the wife Lappidoth. Her greatest accomplishment was being the 4th and only female judge of Israel. Her strengths include but are not limited to; effective mediation, wise counsel, and prophetic wisdom.

She was not power hungry. Despite having a prophetic power and a unique leadership position. This lady had a strong desire to please Our Creator(YHWH). She understood that Our Creator is in control. And that His purposes are greater than personal ambitions. And this wisdom made her a powerful leader. Are you as fascinating as Deborah?

4. Hannah

Moreover, Hannah was a successful over-comer of adversity. She once struggled with self-worth due to baroness. She was the wife of Elkanah and mother of Samuel and others. Her strengths include but are not limited to; powerful prayer, fervent worship, and courage.

This woman faced intense ridicule and prayed fervently for a baby. She prayed so hard that she was accused of being drunk. Yet, her steadfast prayers were answered. And she gave birth to the strongest man who ever lived in antiquity, Samuel. She dedicated Samuel, her firstborn, to Our Creator’s service. And willingly followed through on this costly commitment. Now, are you as fascinating as Hannah?

5. Mary

Furthermore, this fascinating lady gave life to Our Savior Yeshua Ha-mashiach (aka Jesus Christ of Nazareth). She was the wife of Joseph and mother to the one whose name is called Wonderful. Her strengths include but are not limited to; availability to Our Creator, known and applied wisdom of The Living Word.

Although being the mother to Christ, she was an ordinary lady who chose to be available to Our Creator. Her availability to HIM made her extraordinary. Now, are you as fascinating as Mary? (Side Note: We know that you cannot give birth to Christ, so focus about her awesome capabilities.)

*Major Takeaways*

You now know the type of girl you are like via a few fascinating ladies from our past. Before you forget, quickly bookmark and share this post with your friends, so they add this to their inner beauty toolkit.

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Can you think of other fascinating girls you are like?

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