Lenses give color to fashionable sunglasses. Different colors are ideal for different occasions and have different impacts on your eyes.

Taking a look at the different sunglass lens colors

Gray and green: These help your eyes to see the true color. Green has been shown to increase contrast in bright lighting. If you are looking for sports sunglasses, these colors are ideal for you if you are into running, golfing or cycling.

Yellow: Yellow sunglasses are effective in low lighting. They increase contrast and depth of perception. If wearing the sunglasses as a fashion statement, the sunglasses are ideal during the partly cloudy days or when the sun isn’t strong enough. If you are into sports, the yellow color is ideal for skiing.

Brown and amber: Both of these colors enhance contrast and add brightness to your vision. Amber has been shown to reduce eye strain but it tends to distort colors. Due to this, it’s ideal for pilots, skiers, hunters and other people that engage in outdoor sports. Brown greatly reduces glare thus ideal for high-glare sports such as fishing, boating and skiing.

Pink and red: Pink and red lenses greatly reduce eyestrain thus you can wear them for long periods of time without feeling uncomfortable. In addition to this, the glasses have been shown to block out blue light thus improving contrast. The units also improve visibility regardless of the weather.

How to take care of the sunglasses lenses

For the lenses of your designer sunglasses to last for long you need to take good care of them. One of the things that you should do is protect them from scratches. It’s reported that scratches come about during the cleaning of the sunglasses. When cleaning the units, take caution. You should use warm, soapy water and then gently rinse the glasses. After that you should pat the glasses dry using a clean soft cloth.

You should also be cautious of where you store your sunglasses. Whenever you aren’t wearing them, put them in a protective case. The case not only protects the lenses from scratches and damage, it also protects the frames.

Another way of protecting the lenses of your sunglasses is to let them down gently. When in the bathroom or any other place that requires you to remove the glasses, after removing them place them gently on a surface.

Go for sunglasses that are the right fit

To enjoy your time outdoors you need to go for sunglasses that are comfortable to wear. When making the purchase, ensure that the weight of the units is evenly distributed between your ears, nose and eyelashes. The glasses should stand on the bridge of your nose and ears. The frame should be comfortable to wear—it shouldn’t pinch you or be too loose.


There are many sunglasses that you can go for. For them to last for long you need to take good care of them. To have an easy time with your sunglasses, buy them from a reputable sunglasses store.

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