Mounting a horse is not simple jumping on the horse. A proper mount takes a long time to establish trust between the rider and the horse.

Before mounting the horse you need to know some useful information about teaching the horse to stand still and how important saddling is.

Teaching a horse to stand still

Some advice can help you:

Use the word” stand” every time he doesn’t follow your directions. Say it loud and clearly.

While you are saying “stand”, tap the leg when he tries to move. This tells your horse for his bad behavior.

Reward his good behavior. Give him some good treat or gentle tap on his neck.

Saddling the horse

Brush the horse’s back .Remove any dirt from the back.

Place the blanket on the horse back and make sure it’s on both sides.

Put the saddle slowly over the horse back. Be sure the horse hair is laying in the natural direction as it grows.

You have to check the both sides of the saddle, so there are no wrinkles beneath saddle.

Tighten the girth gently enough so it could hold the saddle.

Stretch out the horse front legs to remove wrinkles.

You have to be sure the horse is saddled the right way. So when you get on the horse the saddle won’t slip off.

How to get on a horse?

It’s good to know:

Before you start with mounting the horse you should gather the reins. But have it on you mind that horse can be nervous from the pain of tight reins.

Use your right hand to take the horn of the saddle.

For getting on the horse usually is used left foot. Left foot has to be put on the stirrup. You must be ready to take off your foot in case he started to act more dramatically.

If the horse starts to move, make him to walk forward or to move around you in cycle. You have to hold the reins until the horse is saddle down. Then try to loose the reins again.

When the horse stands still and your left foot is on the stirrup, take the right leg and lift it over the horse back. Pull your body directly up.

It takes time to learn to mount your horse. On a first look you can not notice what other things are bothering him.

Knowing all these things will make you understand what amount of patience you need to have.

Like a new rider you are facing with unsure movements. With clear idea and a little practice you can be on a right way for becoming good rider.

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