Things that are important to you at present are not what you considered to be important in the past. That means you change your living values throughout your life. So planning for a career is not easy at all for many people. Especially when you do not have the right approach and you will tend to constantly change your plan. The inconsistency in career planning will limit your success later.

Before setting out a career plan, you should take time to review your life right now, your current goals. You can rethink your life values and ask what kind of work you prefer to do. But first, let's take a look at the purpose of career.


Is the purpose of working to make money?

There is one important thing to remember when you reflect on the purpose of working. You can go to work to make money but do not sacrifice your life to make money.

So do not do a job that makes you suffer just to make a living if you are not forced to that. Moreover, if your goal is to make money, you will quickly get bored of work you are doing.

However, I do not think you should choose to not care about salary because I understand the importance of income. If you have trouble with it, you cannot be creative and happy at work. You will tend to always worry about the level of your income if the current amount you earn is not enough for your living.

Following is a true story that is worth reading and allows you to think and have your own answer:

One of my friends graduated from the college of economics. The first period of time after graduation, he was looking for a job up to expectation from his parents. That is the business-related work. Although not setting a goal of becoming a millionaire, he really earned a lot of money. The problem is he does not like doing business.

His hobby was unrelated to the job he was doing. What he really liked was Origami, the art of paper folding. It’s only this new art form that made him really happy and devoted his full attention to it.

Finally, he decided to quit his current job to begin doing what he loves.

Do not get me wrong. I do not advise you to quit your job right now to pursue your passion. Also, I do not advise you to do a job you do not like. I just need you to have a clear career plan.

If you are an employer for a company and you know that you are truly passionate about something else, then make a plan to prepare for the transition. Let's focus on building resources and know when to take off.

Most people only see the surface of the pursuit of passion and appreciate those who dare to give up their job to live a more meaningful life. But that's just what we see outside.

There is a career plan behind them that has been prepared in advance. Back to the story about the guy, doing business could not fit his passion, but it helped him get the job skills, including business skills, project management skills and a lot of other skills.

He later succeeded with his art paper folding career because he had the skills available for it. In other words, he was ready for a jump with the resources that had been prepared.

Right now, if you are doing a job that you are really passionate about, it's good for you. But if your current job is not something you like, please understand that you do not necessarily have to do it all your whole life.

In short, do have a plan of your own.


You should take time to write down a hundred things you really want to do before you die on a big piece of paper. This is a great way to discover what your true passion is.

Think carefully about this. If you only had 7 days left to live, what would you do?

Time of your life is limited. Ask yourself, what do you want to take advantage of the time of your life for?


Whether you are doing a job that you are truly passionate about or you’re just doing a job for income every month, no choice is right or wrong. I just want to ask you one thing. Is the choice you make right now really your own choice?

I mean there is a decisive factor in how we make choices in life. That is the worry about what others think about you.

If today you have not changed your job because this is a part your career plan, it's very good. But if you do not change your job due to what your boss thinks about you, it is you who you need to think again.

In fact, what other people always care and think about is their own problem, not yours.

In life, people who really care about you will give you the freedom for you to choose. They just give you principles for your reference but they will leave the decision to your discretion.

At the end of life, you cannot blame for not pursuing your passions because someone else thought you were ridiculous and unreasonable to do that. Nobody says such thing at the end of life at all. Most of people give up because they are busy worrying about what others think about them.


Pay attention to your feeling. What really makes you excited to wake up each morning?

Do prepare a good plan for what you want to pursue in life and do not let the fear of what others think about you clinging to your life.

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