If you’ve decided to buy a treadmill but are waiting to catch the best price, you’re showing financial acumen. If you play your cards right, you can pick up home exercise equipment at a surprisingly low cost.

The best time to buy a treadmill is during the holiday sales that crop up throughout the year. If you can find a treadmill that offers a coupon or promo code that stacks on top of holiday savings, you’ll be golden. Here are some of the key times to look for treadmill savings.

Black Friday Is An Ideal Time to Buy a Treadmill

You can generally find exercise equipment at a significant discount on Black Friday. You don’t need to brave the mall to take advantage of this high-powered shopping day, because companies generally offer their treadmills at a discount online. Black Friday is also a time when you’re probably motivated enough to buy exercise equipment because—without taking measures to keep from overeating on Thanksgiving—most of us have overdone it at the table on the previous day.

Companies like NordicTrack also offer year-round coupons and promo codes for treadmills and other home gym equipment which you can stack on top of any sale price for maximum value.

Cyber Monday Is An Excellent Time To Buy a Treadmill

On Cyber Monday, countless retailers offer their online goods at discounted prices, and NordicTrack is no exception. Again, take advantage of 2018 NordicTrack promo codes, adding them to your Cyber Monday savings.

January Is An Opportune Time To Buy a Treadmill

While NordicTrack’s coupons and promo codes are in full effect in January, your treadmill of choice may or may not be on sale. What’s certain is myriad people will set New Year’s resolutions, the most popular vows being to save money and lose weight.

If you use exercise to pursue the latter goal, you’ll see many areas of your life improve, because working out has benefits beyond fitness. Think twice, however, before purchasing a gym membership because many people start the new year striding into their local fitness center, only to have attendance slack off as life gets in the way.

A better bet is a home treadmill, which you can hop on the moment you are struck with the whim to work out. It’s an investment that’ll pay off in as little in a year through money saved on gym fees and fitness classes. Once you’ve bought a treadmill, you can build on your home gym by adding a few inexpensive pieces of workout equipment at a time, like a chin-up bar or set of kettlebells.

Keep These Things In Mind When Buying a Treadmill

Other times of the year when fitness equipment tends to go on sale is:

  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day

There are a couple things to keep in mind before reaping holiday savings.

Engage In Presale Research

A holiday sale can be tempting, but you don’t want to have your investment in fitness be an impulse buy. Make sure you’re well-versed in treadmill models ahead of time, pinpointing a machine that fits your needs. Then you can make an informed decision when the price of your preferred model drops.

Buy Your Treadmill Directly From the Manufacturer

Whether it’s Black Friday or any old day, it’s better to buy your treadmill directly from the manufacturer so you can nab a full warranty. Further, third-party sellers often carry older models that don’t include the latest treadmill technology.

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