There is a major difference between cleaning service and disinfection service; cleaning can get rid of dust, stains, cobwebs etc. whereas disinfection service can kill germs. Disinfection service gained significance due to COVID-19 pandemic. We learn the truth the hard way, previously disinfection service was never one of our top priority while booking a professional cleaning service. Now with the spread of COVID-19 disinfection services became the need of the hour.


Disinfection services should be used every now and often for both residential and commercial property but especially before hiring deceased rubbish removal service because:

  • Some people will be visiting your place
  • You can never be sure who is carrying a virus
  • After deceased state rubbish removal, the place will be cleaned not disinfection
  • Virus and bacteria live for days on surfaces

Due to pandemic, the professional cleaning companies are following strict safety protocol, ensuring their team is going through regular thermal check-up and maintaining social distancing even at work. There are several write-ups on tips to prevent spreading COVID-19, we should consider at least the following till the pandemic lasts.

  • Usage of mask and sanitizer
  • Staying indoor

We all know due to pandemic, most of the countries had to go through a lockdown phase and those countries are now taking full protection to unlock their daily functions. In such situation, encountering meeting with colleagues and clients is a part of the play, in you are opening your office for clients or visiting any other office, for instance, ensure that the place in under daily disinfection service.


Daily cleaning in this pandemic is good but ensure you avail disinfection service at alternate days, you shouldn’t forget that:

  • You are going outside
  • Online delivery service entering your home (even if it is touchless, but somebody packed the parcel for you)
  • Delivery service using the gate, doorbells /knocks

With so many options threatening the spread, tips to prevent spreading COVID-19 needs to be put in action. Starting with the basics:

  • Disinfect the most-touched surfaces
  • For electronic gadgets use disinfection sprays
  • Even for washing clothes

While the world is fighting for a vaccine we expect soon we may safeguard ourselves from this deadly virus, till then cleaning and disinfection service remains our top priority.

The reason we should opt for professional service rather than using domestic products available in the market is that the efficacy of the job. The professional disinfection service leaves no stone unturned while disinfecting, besides they use hospital grade products which we won’t find in local stores. Moreover, disinfecting commercial property needs professional intervention for reaching quality work.

If you are booking a cleaning service, don’t forget to add disinfection service too, even while booking deceased estate rubbish removal because someone may use the property and could be vulnerable to this virus exposure.

Author's Bio: 

Author bio:
The author is a seasoned real estate professional from Melbourne. With a piece of extensive market knowledge and experience in property lease and inspection in Melbourne, he earned great respect from his clients by helping them with finding new properties across Australia; also ensuring every safety protocol maintained during this pandemic.