The law of attraction as a concept has been in existence for so many years. It has been part and parcel of the universe as we know for as long as we have lived. However, LOA was not discovered until 2004. Although most of us have used the law of attraction subconsciously in our daily lives, it’s only about a decade ago that we started to understand this power and how it operates in our universe. The law of attraction was discovered by Rhonda Byrne. It was a result of a series of personal traumatic events that engulfed her life.

Early beginning
Conceptualization of the law of attraction however started earlier. In fact, Rhonda’s discovery couldn’t
have been possible without early publications on the law of attraction. At the time the knowledge about this universal force was not that clear. The book “The Science of Getting Rich” that was published in 2010 is one of the key publications that started to conceptualize the law of attraction. It was this book that inspired Rhonda Byrne to overcome her predicaments by leveraging on the power of the universe to attract whatever she wanted.

Research and development
At the time of reading the “The Science of Getting Rich” Rhonda was still not sold on the idea of the law
of attraction. We can’t blame her to be honest. Although this 1910 publication shed some light on LOA, there was a need to gather more information in order to help people understand what really the law of attraction and control of your life was all about, as the founder of SJ does with his clients.

Rhonda Byrne remembers engaging in extensive research on this concept. It took months to gather this
information and the discovery was absolutely astonishing. Rhonda learned that the secret as she called
at the time had been used by generations of humans and various civilizations that lived long before our
time. She also found that the law of attraction was firmly entrenched in almost all religions and cultures
around the world.

The practice of LOA
After Rhonda concluded her research she was feeling totally transformed by what she had discovered. It
was time to put this knowledge to practice and see what comes of it. It was a journey of fulfillment and
exceptional awakening. Rhonda only had one wish, and that is to share this secret to the world and empower as many people as possible using it.

In 2006, she released her book dubbed “the Secret”. This is considered the most influential publication
ever written in the law of attraction. Later the same year, a movie by the same name was also released.
After that people started to gain interest in the law of attraction and what it could do. Rhonda was hosted in various talk shows where she discussed the concept and how it transformed her life.

It’s been 13 years since the law of attraction was discovered and many more people are taking advantage of it. A secret that was once unknown to us is now transforming lives for the better. Other people like to use spa and massages, however, the law of attraction is the fundamental process for accessing those higher states of awareness

Author's Bio: 

Petri Maatta is a law of attraction coach.