Do you have an interest in design and construction? Does the Millau Viaduct in France or the Palm Islands in Dubai make you think “how”? If yes, then you should consider studying civil engineering from one of the top engineering colleges in Pune or any other city. Keep reading to know about the various career opportunities that a degree in civil engineering offers.

1. Construction managers

This is one of the most common job profiles which students prefer after graduating from top engineering colleges in Pune, Mumbai, etc.

As a construction manager, you will be the boss of the work site. Primarily, you will be responsible for overseeing the construction of large projects. Along with this, your duties can include:

● Planning the complete construction process
● Overseeing construction personnel
● Creating and managing the project budget
● Preparing progress reports

2. Geotechnical engineers

Before starting any project, the current ground condition needs to be examined. This is what Geotechnical engineering comprises of. Here, you will spend time learning what is beneath the ground's surface and its relation to construction. As a Geotechnical engineer, you can work at:

● Mining companies
● Public and private research organisations
● Engineering consulting firms
● Petroleum services companies
● Electrical utility companies

3. Urban Planning engineers

Urban planning is concerned with the technical process of improving people's welfare in urban areas. Urban planners do this with the help of controlling the use of land and designing the urban environment. You get to design and build a city of tomorrow! A few of your responsibilities as a civil engineer in urban planning will include:

● Performing site surveys
● Giving strategic inputs during the planning
● Supervising urban construction projects
● Determining and implementing zoning laws

4. Transportation engineers

The backbone behind all your roads, highways, metros and subways is the transportation engineer. They are the ones who make sure we have the best routes to get to our destination safely and quickly. As a transportation engineer, you will be working on:

● Developing and designing transportation strategies
● Analysing traffic patterns
● Assisting in traffic management plans
● Creating and developing cost-effective strategies

5. Environmental engineers

Environmental engineers. a.k.a superheroes, identify and develop solutions to protect us from environmental problems. These individuals improve recycling, waste disposal, public health and work on controlling pollution. Environmental engineers are responsible for:

● Preparing and reviewing environmental investigation reports
● Designing projects to protect the environment
● Monitoring the progress
● Providing technical support for environmental problems

These are just a few of the many opportunities for you to build a career in Civil Engineering. Find any of these interesting? It is time to start applying in Best Engineering Colleges in Maharashtra. Apply today and get closer to an exciting yet challenging career ahead!

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Symbiosis Institute of Technology, a constituent of Symbiosis International University was established in the year, 2008 and currently offers B. Tech programmes in Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering and M.Tech programmes in Computer Aided Design and Manufacture, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering. Research programmes leading to Ph. D. Degree were introduced in Faculty of Engineering of Symbiosis International University in 2010.