Magento 2 is an advanced ecommerce platform to beat your competition, however it is suffering from some drawbacks. If you overcome those weak points with the help of an expert team of Certified Magento Developers, then you can easily swing into an advanced ecosystem.

The end of Magento 1 assured with the onset of Magento 2. The new and innovative Magento 2 ecommerce platform has received a warm welcome in the Magento developer community across the globe. Despite tons of improvements, Magento 2 has some weak points, which retract existing Magento 1 online stores owners/merchants to swing into the Magento 2 ecosystem.
However, at tech point of views, these said cons are not as bigger as we assume and can overcome with some additional efforts and care. Before preparing an action plan, we must know those issues thoroughly and find the way to resolve it even before thinking of migration the live store.

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Tarang Vyas, CTO at Perception System, a leading Magento Development Company, founded in 2001.