Whey Protein Shake: Helping Seniors Build Muscle Mass

With so many people looking for ways to bulk up on muscle and cut down on body fat, finding the right solution can prove daunting. This is particularly true for seniors, especially men above the age of 70.

However, there are many solutions available. The best among them, which has been proved to work, is whey protein. Designed as a multi-ingredient nutritional supplement, this type of protein will stimulate gains in strength and lean body mass in older men.

When combined with the right exercises, these whey protein shakes will go a long way in improving your health, wellness, and fitness. Read on to find out more:

Problem: Sarcopenia

Before diving into the benefits of whey protein and exercise, you first need to understand Sarcopenia, what it is, how it works, and what you can do to combat it before it takes over your body and life.

At its most basic, Sarcopenia is a common disease among seniors and correlated with age. Victims of this disease often lose the strength and muscle mass of their younger years. In turn, it affects their gait, balance, energy, and ability to perform simple tasks.

Although scientists used to believe that these signs of aging are inevitable, recent research has uncovered ways in which it is possible to slow down the aging process especially with regards to the loss of strength and muscle mass.

Solution: Whey Protein

The best solution available at the moment lies in whey protein, combined with the right exercises. As you probably know, many body builders have turned these protein shakes into part and parcel of their diets. As a direct result, it has enabled them build up on those layers of mass, shed fat, and look good.

A recent McMaster University study actually discovered that men aged 70 and above who drank whey-based shakes received a boost in their energy and physical strength. Consequently, they were better able to perform harder and tougher workouts than their counterparts who ignored the shakes.

The results from the study were noticeable after the participants drank these whey protein shakes. However, they only seemed to get better for those who combined them with exercise.

Conclusions from the research showed that high quality proteins, such as whey, are the best and work out perfectly after you take them a couple of times every day. The protein component in the shake supports muscle mass, thereby ensuring that you remain fit and trim as you grow older.

As a senior, most of your muscle will become less responsive to the protein you typically add to your diet. This means that you have to take a higher dose with every serving. By so doing, you will stimulate the growth of muscle, thereby countering the effects of Sarcopenia.

The researchers also recommended that you take 30-40 grams of whey protein per serving instead of relying on any other drink. The latter usually pack only about 10 gram servings. With your online coupon codes, you can buy your own Whey protein supplements at a low cost and order as many as you want at a much better deal.

In the same way, the research found that the creatine in whey protein is also crucial in the support of strength. Added to this, many shakes contain calcium and vitamin D – two ingredients you are going to need if your bone health is to improve.

Apart from the above, your body needs omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish and fish oil) to improve cardiovascular health and reduce inflammation. Evidence also exists to support the fact that these fatty acids will improve the quality of your muscles.

Working Smart On Your Fitness Goals

At the end of the day, you need to go over and beyond your whey protein shakes if you are to lose weight and gain the muscle mass you so desire. This will come about in the form of exercises as an addition to your whey intake. Also, high protein snacks throughout the day will help you taking the proper amount of daily protein your body needs to build muscles and lose weight.

Although you might take your whey protein and go to the gym, the real work will only happen when you are outside the gym. For instance, you might train hard for a couple of hours but go home and spend the rest of your day lazing about and eating poorly.

In such a case, you will only be wasting your time, money, and energy. In fact, your appearance will only change if you put in place the conditioning and health needed to boost the effects of whey and exercise.

Overall, it follows that you should work on getting enough sleep, remaining active even when you are not at the gym, and eating right. After all, it does not make sense to expect 1 hour of gym work and a couple of whey protein shakes to outweigh 23 hours of poor, unhealthy living.

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